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Kelly Reichardt Season on Film4


In spite of himself, Liverpool filmmaker DW Mault finds reason to be thankful with Film 4′s new season… Cinema exists in the spaces between reality, where form answers questions never asked, but simply...


The Foundations of Metropolis


Nik Glover on the difficult history of a restored masterpiece… What would your perfect city look like? Before you begin designing your futuristic ‘learning spaces’, hundred story-high art galleries and lush tropical gardens,...

une vie de chat

A Cat in Paris – Reviewed


Rebekka O’Grady, making her Double Negative debut, on the importance of making room for Cinema’s gems… For many, the words animated film, despite increasingly sophisticated examples to the contrary, continue to conjure up...

John Hughes tribute, 2010

Cult Classics: The Breakfast Club / Pretty in Pink


Alison Cornmell puts in her scrunchies and digs out those fingerless gloves for an evening spent in the company of the Brat Pack… The 80s – the decade that style forgot; when hair...

Once Upon A Time In Anatolia

Once Upon A Time In Anatolia


Liverpool filmmaker DW Mault on the importance of time and space to breath in modern-day cinema… The codes of commercial cinema have become so ossified, offering so much less scope for interpretative pleasure...

Into The Abyss

Into The Abyss: A Tale of Death, A Tale of Life


When Picture House At FACT announced Into The Abyss would be followed by a Q&A with its director Werner Herzog, we had to fight volunteers off with a stick. Sarah Creed won out… ...

ED 209

Robocops and Avatars


Natalie Pearson looks at films playing into our fears for the future, robo-style… The FACT and body>data>space co-curated Robots and Avatars exhibition taps into our ideas of advancing robotic technologies, and how we may...

Tod Browning's Freaks

The King of Carnivale


Nik Glover on the fine line between horror and tragedy tread by Tod Browning with his film, Freaks… In his 1932, pre-code ‘horror’ Freaks, Tod Browning made the then shocking decision to cast...


Werner Herzog; Man & Myth


Werner Herzog fans could do worse than getting down to FACT tonight for his latest film followed by a satellite Q&A… In the vanguard of the New German Cinema which came to the...