Mollie Balshaw, Short Supply, courtesy the artists

Introducing: Short Supply


Angela Tait speaks to two graduates in Salford who – sick of waiting for opportunities to come to them – are launching their own exhibition, prizes and membership for artists… As educators, we spend...

Rosalie Schweiker. Photo credit Sophie Mallet

“I’m just one ginormous teaching sausage…” The Big Interview: Rosalie Schweiker


Sausage versus mince, tarot card tutorials, bra exchanges and Art Deliveroo: Esme Boggis talks to artist and educator Rosalie Schweiker about making art that doesn’t look like art… I met Rosalie Schweiker outside Freemason’s Hall on...

A Spider’s Wit: Tomás Saraceno’s In Orbit. Illustration by Nina Hanz

A Spider’s Wit: Tomás Saraceno’s In Orbit


Suspended in an arachnophobia-inducing presentation of engineering, architecture and science, Nina Hanz recalls a summer’s worth of nightmares… I didn’t always have a fear of spiders. I remember one week in particular when the gauzy canopy...


“It throws into sharp relief society’s polarisation.” Buffer Zones – Reviewed


Amid the announcement of a new Prime Minister, Vote Leave revelations and Netflix data-mining doc, The Great Hack, for an exhibition at Salford’s Paradise Works, timely isn’t the word…   Cambridge Analytica, the Windrush...

Sculpture Walkweb 980x553px

You’re Invited! Liverpool Summer Sculpture Walk 28 July 2019


*Extra release of limited ‘pay what you can’ tickets available! All welcome! Wear comfy shoes!* >>PRE-BOOKING ESSENTIAL ON EVENTBRITE, CLICK HERE<< ‘Perhaps public artworks are created knowing they will be relinquished to external forces:...


“A quick, but rich dose of strange fiction.” The Big Interview: Adam Scovell


Adam Scovell’s melancholic debut novel Mothlight is rife with the impressions left by place and circumstance, and the tricks memories play. Here, Mike Pinnington talks to the author about the threads running through...


Adam Scovell: On Mothlight


Earlier this year, author and academic Adam Scovell’s debut novel Mothlight was published. A “story of grief, memory and the price of obsession”, it is a deep dive into place, identity and the uncanny...

Madiha Aijaz Memorial for the Lost Pages (film still) 2018

Slow Violence: Madiha Aijaz at
Nelson Library


Amid government cuts and ambivalence, Jacob Bolton finds hope and the means to keep public spaces alive in a new presentation of Madiha Aijaz’s work… Nelson library is busy. At the computers there...


“Art, activism, club life and pop culture.” Keith Haring – Reviewed


As Tate Liverpool stage the first major UK exhibition of Keith Haring’s work in the UK, Vicky Andrews considers his impact as artist and activist… “I’m at the Tate gallery…we’ve just been in...