Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, 2005, MUBI

Self-Isolation Culture Special: Free Film, Music, Art, Essays, Books and More


Welcome to the strange new normal – how are you doing? If you’re anything like us, the constant reporting of all things Coronavirus (COVID-19) is taking its toll. With huge numbers of us...

Stephen Clarke, UCSD library, 1987

Truth and Memory: Stephen Clarke – San Diego Topographics


How do we separate truth from memory? Should we try? A pair of recently published photo books from Stephen Clarke poses intriguing questions about the passage of time, finds Mike Pinnington…  Time does...

Interior03 86.web

Now, Then and Tomorrow:
A Postcard From Liverpool


With the UK’s shambolic withdrawal from the EU finally confirmed, we look at the role Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture Award played in the city’s 21st Century renaissance… In Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery there...

StephenC_Roger Sinek-main

Time & Space: On Being a Gallery Invigilator


“You are both a font and a target.” Stephen Curtis reflects on his time as a gallery assistant, which affords philosophical freedom while also making you a magnet for the pedantic, and those...


The Reliquary of the (Late) 20th century: Mark Leckey’s O’ Magic Power of Bleakness


What happens when a totem of working class life and culture is recreated in an elite palace for art? Kenn Taylor reflects on Mark Leckey’s journey from Wirral underpass to the pinnacle of...

Anj Smith Desert Epoch 2014_web-main

The Devil is in the Detail: Anj Smith @ MOSTYN Gallery – Reviewed


Feral landscapes and Anthropocene detritus combine to deliver a fearsome dose of future shock in an exhibition of Anj Smith’s paintings at MOSTYN gallery, finds Mike Pinnington… The devil is in the detail, they...

You Feel Me (October 2019) Credit & ©Rob Battersby_main

A Waking Dream – Rebecca Allen’s The Observer


What’s a video-game without its heroes and villains, guns or explosions? Mike Pinnington investigates The Observer, Rebecca Allen’s ‘moving painting’, currently part of an exhibition at FACT Liverpool…  In both scale and depth,...

Cui Jie From Pavilion to Space Station at CFCCA (2019)-main.web

Cui Jie: From Pavilion to Space Station – Reviewed


An exhibition addressing how shifts in architectural style reflect national identity, Cui Jie’s From Pavilion to Space Station’s small scale belies its big ideas, finds Mike Pinnington… What can architecture tell us about a...

Peterloo monument.web

Who is the city for? – Sara Jaspan Meets The Neighbours


With asylum seekers moved out of increasingly exclusive city centres and affordable housing targets going unmet, Sara Jaspan reports on an artists’ project engaging with the changing face of developing neighbourhoods… “I felt...