“The Folklore is Seriously Spooky”
Adam Scovell: On Nettles


Adam Scovell’s latest novel, Nettles, tells the tale of a boy – relentlessly bullied at secondary school – who takes refuge in nearby marshland. As with his previous works, Nettles is punctuated and...


Radical Landscapes:
Routes and Roots


“A nuanced and diverse expression of landscape art.” In an essay excerpted from Tate Liverpool’s Radical Landscapes exhibition catalogue, journalist and writer Anita Sethi explores how identity is shaped by our relationship to place…...

Tate Liverpool_Loos House _web

Lucy McKenzie, Animals and Beggars


“I perceive myself to be inhabiting a place that is more than the installation alone.” In our third text in response to Lucy McKenzie’s retrospective exhibition at Tate Liverpool, artist Roy Claire Potter...


“Fresh and energising.” Light Sensitive Area Ahead – Reviewed


“It remains a powerful and nuanced visual language.” Mike Pinnington explores Gareth Kemp’s Light Sensitive Area Ahead, a new body of work in conversation with the past, present and future of abstract art…...

Larry Achiampong and David Blandy, Dust to Data (2021). Image by Rob Battersby. Installation view at FACT-web

“A provocation and a lens.” Future Ages Will Wonder – Reviewed


FACT’s exhibition Future Ages Will Wonder serves as both provocation and lens by which to address historical wrongs and to consider how we’ll be remembered by generations to come. Via the writings of...

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Julie Cassels: We View Things Differently Now


Pre-digital, pre-Instagram and the rest, what were you doing when you looked at a photograph? This is a question posed by artist Julie Cassels, whose practice interrogates our relationship with making – and looking...


On Our Radar
Art Exhibitions 2022


Wondering how the year ahead looks in visual arts? Wonder no more… We know all too well that the last couple of years have been difficult. But, caution still be to the fore,...


A Modern Total Artwork – The Case For Lucy McKenzie’s Nova Popularna


“Can an artist ever fully embody their art?” Maja Lorkowska makes the case for Nova Popularna, a co-created artist salon doubling as bar and hang-out, currently on display as part of Tate Liverpool’s...

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The Word On The Street: Liverpool In Literature


“From the situatedness of the city through to the mediated experience of the symbolic plane.” Anthony Ellis takes a look, via various Liverpool streets and eateries, at the weaving together of literature and...