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A Dreamlike Quality of Unreality – The Many Afterlives of Anna May Wong


How to parse affection for the classics of old Hollywood with the many micro-aggressions and bare-faced instances of racism committed against actors of colour? Mike Pinnington considers a pair of exhibitions that walk...

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Susan Leask: New Sculptures


“I’m probably unaware of how much of myself I’m giving away.” Jon Barraclough speaks with artist Susan Leask ahead of a new exhibition of her sculptural works at Liverpool’s Bridewell Studios & Gallery… It’s...


The Big Interview: Alice Christina-Corrigan


“I can’t wait to see what we can do.” Mike Pinnington spoke with actor, writer and creative access director, Alice Christina-Corrigan, about the Lowry’s Developed With programme, the strides being made for representation in...

From Drag Kings of Manchester book by Christine Beckett (2)_web

As She Likes It: Christine Beckett


“The exhibition attempts to draw comparison with gender discourse in a historical context.” Curator Stephen Clarke introduces As She Likes It: Christine Beckett, a new photography exhibition foregrounding Drag Kings… Rosalind is a girl who gets...


Drinking, Dancing and Dressing Up: The Photography of John Johnson


For more than a decade, photographer John Johnson has trained his lens on rite of passage bars in and around Liverpool’s Concert Square. Here, he talks us through some of his favourite moments caught...

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The Big Interview: Annie Frost Nicholson


“The offering that I give is the work itself.” Mike Pinnington speaks to Annie Frost Nicholson about how, through art, she found a way through indescribable loss…  “There’s constantly this feeling of being...


Portrait of the Artist as a
Middle-Aged Man
Babak Ganjei @ Bluecoat – Reviewed


Art can be challenging, addressing, as it should, the realities of life. But both wry and searingly honest, Bluecoat show Babak Ganjei: Thanks for Having Me is, refreshingly, a laugh out loud hit,...


Prospect Cottage: Gilbert McCarragher Photographs Derek Jarman’s House


In an exclusive extract from his new book with Thames & Hudson, on Derek Jarman’s famous coastal cottage, top photographer Gilbert McCarragher speaks movingly about what an artist’s home represents to those who are...


Made It! Short Supply’s Top Tips For Budding Artists


About to graduate from art school? Just starting out? Read this! Champions of emerging artists, Short Supply, share their top tips for making it as a creative practitioner – from setting goals NOW, before...