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Isolation Nation:
Music is a Time Machine


“If music is a time machine, the clubs, bars, and many other dives we frequented in our youth, are cathedrals of memory.” Mike Pinnington reflects on the haunting power of songs encountered in...


“Is ambient the soundtrack to our emotional and mental fatigue?” – Alien Sound Symposium


This weekend Tate Liverpool plays host to Alien Sound, a symposium exploring ambient noise and music. We spoke to organiser Jon Davies about something we might typically associate with relaxation, its development, and “the limits...

Image courtesy Ladytron 2018

“It’s probably an exorcism…” The Big Interview: Ladytron’s Daniel Hunt


On a most amicable hiatus since 2011, Ladytron return to Liverpool tonight ahead of the release of next year’s eponymous sixth album. Mike Pinnington caught up with the band’s Daniel Hunt on the...

Still from Dear Esther gameplay, courtesy The Chinese Room

“I kind of like the idea of being an outsider…” The Big Interview: Jessica Curry


She writes scores for PlayStation and the poet laureate, studied English Literature at university, and has brought gaming to the theatre with electrifying results: BAFTA-winning composer and Dear Esther creator Jessica Curry speaks to...

Sick Scenes. by Los Campesinos!, detail, courtesy the artists

Analogue’s Refusal To Die: Celebrating Record Store Day (All Year Round)


Ever think you could be listening to more new music? Recommending albums by Parquet Courts, Soundwalk Collective, Los Campesinos!, Pissed Jeans and RAYS, Mike Pinington revels in his New Year’s resolution to buy more vinyl… It has occurred...

Big Narstie; image courtesy the artist

“F*ck the music industry. Things need to be changed in life…” The Big Interview: Big Narstie


Brixton-born grime artist Big Narstie shares his philosophies with Toby Hood: on Scouse behaviour, racism in the music business, and how his experiences have helped him to become an agony aunt… It’s a balmy, early...

Iggy Pop & Peaches. Kick It. 2005. Still from YouTube

“Get out of bed and confront life!” The Big Interview: Iggy Pop


The godfather of punk talks to Florian Obkircher and The Red Bulletin about how liberating it was to pose nude for Jeremy Deller’s life drawing class, conquering doubt, collaboration as the key to...

Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia 2015: Goat

“United in the shared pursuit of head-music”: Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia On Five Years Of Creativity


Ahead of next weekend’s “fucking out-there” celebration of “audio-futurists”, PZYK Fest organiser Christopher Torpey gives us an insight into five year’s of diverse creativity, and why he thinks that the fiesta has such an enduring appeal… VR: adventures...

Wysing Polyphonic 2016. All images courtesy Mike Cameron for Wysing Polyphonic

In Pictures: Wysing Polyphonic


With whistling, drone, choral ensembles, improv jazz and spoken word on the menu — plus no electronics to be seen – Wysing Art Centre’s annual art and music festival in Cambridge has built up a reputation...