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Why donate to The Double Negative?

We are Mike and Laura, and we co-founded The Double Negative publishing platform in 2011. It has been a labour of love since the get-go, across digital and print, and is still run part-time by just the two of us!

Indie publishing is notoriously difficult to maintain or make sustainable. In order to continue, we need your help. Yes, we do it for the love of it, but we also need to ‘keep the lights on’: without us, writers and readers would lose the platform entirely. We don’t have any staff, assistants or interns, or any regular public or private funding. It really is just the two of us running The Double Negative in our spare time, around our other paid part-time work for magazines and universities.

“Always a cracking read and these two are writing legends who’ve tirelessly supported new talent in NW. Get involved in their relaunch and donate” – TDN donor

Each month, we spend hundreds of hours keeping The Double Negative going: mentoring and editing new writers, publishing top notch and trusted arts criticism, and shouting about what makes Liverpool’s (and the North of England’s) creative landscape so very special.

Since 2011, The Double Negative has remained completely free to read. Because we want it to be. In order to do this, we search far and wide for short-term funding and advertising from the arts and culture sector. We partner and collaborate with people we admire. As organisations across the UK tighten their belts, it’s become increasingly necessary, if we’re to continue the work that we do, to add an optional donations button to our website.

If you value independent journalism, and if you love reading us, then please consider donating for the price of a pint!

“I have just donated to them as they support creatives in the North, working tirelessly to offer opportunities to get your work ‘out there’. Mike has supported me for years now, and I appreciate DN a lot. Give if you can, or share” – TDN donor

What will your donation pay for?

All donations go straight into The Double Negative, and make sure that we can continue to:

  • commission new articles and pay writers
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  • manage web, domain, design and social media
  • travel and report
  • research the best people and projects out there
  • fundraise and develop the platform’s offer

If our work has made an impact on you as a reader over the past decade, or has contributed to your appreciation of writing, art, and culture in general, then please consider helping us keep the lights on with a one-time or monthly donation.

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