Polly Morgan, live Taxidermy at the VG&M

Polly Morgan – Live and Stuffing

On the eve of a new exhibition opening a discourse with Audubon, Emma Sumner recounts taxidermist Polly Morgan’s live demonstration… In March it was announced that the University of Liverpool’s Victoria Gallery &...

Staged protest, James Newitt 2012

The Big Interview: James Newitt

Tasmanian artist James Newitt has been in Liverpool for an Australia Council for the Arts residency. Hannah Pierce wondered how it had informed his practice… Hosted by Liverpool Biennial in collaboration with The...

Kunsthalle Wien_web

Field Trip #7: Vienna

José Carlos Diaz on a city boasting more than beer, cake, and Klimt… Just as the Beatles are a part of Liverpool’s heritage, one cannot escape the influence and legacy of Gustav Klimt...

John James Audubon

The complexity of John James Audubon

New York-based sound artist Robert Peterson talks about the inspirations behind his new work at Liverpool’s Victoria Gallery & Museum… This week I am flying to Liverpool to participate in an exhibition called...


Sound City and Light Night – In Pictures

Photographer Andrew Abrahamson gives his take on Liverpool Sound City and Light Night Festivals… Thursday’s highlights I was asked to cover Death in Vegas, a band I’d heard of but didn’t really know...

The Spectacle of The Lost

Culture Diary w/c 28-05-12

Monday – Superman 9pm @ FACT The film that set the ball rolling for superheroes on the big screen and helped show what was possible at the box office when it came to...

The famous Superman logo

Waiting for Superman…

With FACT screening the original Superman this Monday, Nik Glover takes a look at our roller-coaster relationship with on-screen super heroes…  Cinema-goers are now so used to seeing comic book heroes make the...

Margot & Richie, The Royal Tenenbaums

Playlist #12: Wes Anderson

Definition of QUIRKY: “adjective strikingly unconventional or given to idiosyncrasies.” Part of the process of commodification for the purpose of selling a product to the largest audience possible means sticking a label on...

Rosie Collins

Exit Velocity: LJMU Graphic Design 2012

We talk to some of the most promising LJMU Graphic Design graduates, exhibiting their final shows tonight at the Art & Design Academy… STEPHANIE DAVIES (pictured, above) Inspired by poetry and typography, Stephanie designs clever double-sided...