Culture Diary w/c 28-05-12

Monday – Superman 9pm @ FACT

The film that set the ball rolling for superheroes on the big screen and helped show what was possible at the box office when it came to the event movie, Superman, starring Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel, is given an airing by FACT this evening.

Tuesday – Tera Melos 7.30pm @ The Shipping Forecast £7

Not being huge followers of math-rock, we hadn’t heard of these guys. More fool us. With our first listen of latest album, Patagonian Rats, Tera Melos made it on to the list marked ‘should have been listening to this all along.’ Utilising alternating time signatures, electronica and a liberal pop ethic, this three piece from Sacramento also proudly wear post-hardcore roots on their sleeves.

Wednesday – Thinking Digital Livecast @ FACT

Thinking Digital, a two-day conference drawing together talent from the worlds of technology, media, science, industry and the arts, is streamed live from its home in Newcastle this Wednesday and Thursday by LJMU’s Open Labs. Attracting speakers from around the world, this is an ideal opportunity to find out more about an event with a global following and reputation.

Thursday – The Spectacle of The Lost PV @ VGM 5.30pm – 7pm

In the 19th century, artist and ornithologist John James Audubon set about documenting different species of birds in America. His practice included drawing and painting, as well as shooting and stuffing, birds. In The Spectacle of The Lost, curator (our very own) Laura Robertson and artist group, Birds’ Ear View Collective open a new discourse with Audubon and his work in the Victoria Gallery and Museum.

Friday – Walls 8pm @ The Shipping Forecast £6

Vice called their self-titled debut record “A blissed out synth-pop mini masterpiece”, and the Guardian lavished it with similar acclaim while describing their sound as “a dreamy blend of slow electronic and glitchy beats”. That this was hardly isolated praise says much about expectations for the duo’s second album, Coracle, set to hit these shores in September. Why wait ‘til then though when you can get in on the ground floor now?

Saturday – The Best Fit tour 8pm @ Leaf £6

Put together by well regarded The Line of Best Fit online music magazine, this tour features one of Liverpool’s best and hardest working bands in Stealing Sheep. When they’re not bringing their eerie, ritualistic brand of folk to live audiences across Europe, they’re sound is rocking up on TV slots, making Hollyoaks ads infinitely more bearable in the process. The latest band off Sweden’s indie-pop production line, Simian Ghost, provide support.

Never Mind The Jubilee Picnic: Off With Their Heads @ Camp & Furnace 7.30pm

With ‘general anarchy and entertainment for commoners of all ages’ planned, this sounds an excellent excuse to get down to Camp and Furnace if you haven’t already. Billed as an indoor street party and picnic, the evening will feature music from 14-piece Balkan Gypsy combo The Destroyers as well as local bands and the guys from CantMixWontMixShdntMixDontMix DJs. We particularly like that it comes with its own PG Advisory certificate, warning us to expect: “scenes of revelry, dressing up and mild treason.”

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