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“Disorientating films… Desperate inhumanity”: Dinh Q. Lê’s The Colony — Reviewed

Jacob Charles Wilson analyses Dinh Q. Lê’s latest video installation: a post-colonial battleground buried deep (literally and metaphorically) in thousands of years of shit… It seems unfair that the word colony should be shared between...


“An ingenious distillation of the graphic language of fast food”: Bad Scouse — Reviewed

Is pizza a shared language? Jade French takes a seat at the Tžužjj table, and finds artist and designer Mark Simmonds breaking down fast food into beautiful, abstract diagrams… According to my nan, there’s no...


Culture Diary w/c 26-09-2016

What’s hot this week? Our pick of the arts, design, film and music listings from around Liverpool and the rest of the UK… Monday – Little Men (2016) @ Picturehouse Cinemas Nationwide Ira...

My Bed: Tracey Emin and William Blake: In Focus at Tate Liverpool from 18 September 2016-3 September 2017. Install images courtesy Pete Goodbody, with thanks

“Uncompromising, naked, blunt… Humanity in extremis”: Tracey Emin And William Blake @ Tate Liverpool — Reviewed

In a new exhibition at Tate Liverpool, Liz Mitchell navigates a sobering variety of portraiture, from two very different mavericks… Blood red walls and a stew of dirty sheets. Fag butts and corn plasters;...

Still, Koki Tanaka, film for Liverpool Biennial 2010, at Open Eye Gallery

“History in itself is a kind of fiction, right?” — The Big Interview: Koki Tanaka

Time travelling with Koki Tanaka: Jack Roe tracked down the Japanese artist to ask him why an obscure student protest from the Liverpool history books was so key to his film installation for...

Exhibition Opening: Eva Rothschild: Alternative To Power 6-8pm @ New Art Gallery Walsall -- FREE

Culture Diary w/c 19-09-2016

What’s hot this week? Our pick of the arts, design, film and music listings from around Liverpool and the rest of the UK… Tuesday – Situational Night Live! 6.30-8.30pm @ Cains Brewery, Liverpool...

Bathers (2006), Ella Kruglyanskaya on display at Tate Liverpool

“Humour is really important in my work” — The Big Interview: Ella Kruglyanskaya

As her exhibition at Tate Liverpool comes to a close, and ahead of a new show at Tramway, Ella Kruglyanskaya talks us through the humour of her painted protagonists, and what it feels like...

Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia 2015: Goat

“United in the shared pursuit of head-music”: Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia On Five Years Of Creativity

Ahead of next weekend’s “fucking out-there” celebration of “audio-futurists”, PZYK Fest organiser Christopher Torpey gives us an insight into five year’s of diverse creativity, and why he thinks that the fiesta has such an enduring appeal… VR: adventures...

Alketa Xharfa-Mripa, Thinking of You (2015)

“Britain symbolises the hope and the welcome”: Alketa Xharfa-Mripa On Refugees Welcome

Ahead of a major solidarity march in London this weekend, Bob Dickinson speaks to Kosovo-born artist Alketa Xharfa-Mripa about her special truck-based installation; what it feels to be a student-turned-refugee; and how her artwork is...