Osteoclast (2021) by Teresa Solar at Exchange Flags. Photograph by Mark McNulty-web

Liverpool Biennial 2021 Public Realm – Reviewed

With the postponed Liverpool Biennial now underway, Mike Pinnington set off in search of meaning, and five new public realm artworks…  As you’re no doubt aware, this week marked a full year since...


Liverpool’s River Of Light
– In Pictures

“River of Light is a tonic.” Pete Goodbody on the festival we need after a challenging twelve months… One year after lockdown was imposed, Liverpool slowly emerges, with tiny steps to take a...

Alberta Whittle  Celestial Meditations, 2018  © the artist. Courtesy of Alberta Whittle and Copperfield, London.

At A Glance: British Art Show 9

From Windrush heroes to club culture to talking dogs: all you need to know about the upcoming British Art Show 9… Name: British Art Show 9 (#BAS9). As in, the ninth version: it’s...


Taking Stock Of Disaster:
The Earth Asleep – Reviewed

“Rolling news is a background horror.” Lucy Holt reviews The Earth Asleep, a new film which lays bare the news cycle’s impact on reconciling trauma and grief…   The thing you realise about rolling...


“It’s Worth Fighting For” – Denise Courcoux Takes A Trip To Ron’s Place

Victorian red-brick semi or visionary environment? Denise Courcoux finds Ron’s Place, in Birkenhead, is both… The Victorian red-brick semi appears unremarkable at first glance. Set back from a side road in Birkenhead, and split up...


The Mirror and The Palette: Rebellion, Revolution and Resilience – Jennifer Higgie

In this extract from Jennifer Higgie’s forthcoming new book, The Mirror and The Palette, the author addresses centuries of sexism by omission in the art world… “Anyone who wanted could cite plentiful examples of exceptional women...


New Suns: A Feminist Literary Festival – Reviewed

What can the writings of Octavia E. Butler tell us about today and, as it happens, tomorrow? Mike Pinnington reviews New Suns, the literary festival exploring the work and message of the visionary...

Karl-Schmidt-Rottluf (1)

Utopia, Depravity and Trauma: German Revolution Expressionist Prints – Reviewed

Art, to be relevant, must say something about the times in which it was created. In between lockdowns, Flora Zajicek made for an exhibition of prints at the Lady Lever Art Gallery, to find...

The Ghost Caller production photos, courtesy Headlong

The Ghost Caller – Reviewed

Given the opportunity, would you dare speak to a ghost? This was the hook for theatre company Headlong’s The Ghost Caller. With some trepidation, Thomas Florence answered the call…  Late last year, a...