Chicago skyline 2016. Photo courtesy Joseph Viney

Field Trip: Chicago, Now! Part Two

Lycra paired with the threat of civil unrest; biscuits and gravy paired with Black Sabbath… What more can Joseph Viney ask for as he continues his field trip in Chicago? Perhaps a doom-laden...

Chicago O’Hare Airport 2016. Photo courtesy Joseph Viney

Field Trip: Make America Great Again? Chicago, USA, Part One

Make America great again? The first in a series of observations from his US road trip, Joseph Viney lands in Chicago: met by talk of the election, endless traffic, and a healthy amount...

Happaratus power glove, Morten Grønning Nielsen

Field Trip: Design Diplomacy, Helsinki Design Week

Answering questions about their careers and passions in the sumptuous surroundings of the Denmark Embassy, ”senior talent” Tauno Tarna and “young talent” Morten Grønning Nielsen set the tone for Helsinki Design Week… “Materials, simplicity, purpose”,...

Manifesta 11: Mike Bouchet © Camilo Brau.

Field Trip: Art Basel And Manifesta 11, Switzerland

What have great bales of poo, a “pavilion of reflections”, banks of iPhone chargers and glossy sculpture halls got in common? Switzerland during art fair season, finds Jack Welsh… Admittedly, flying to one of...

The author Bob Dickinson at Kringsatt Av Fiender performance/exhibition, Bergen, Norway 2016; created by art group Alt Gar Bra, which includes artists from Bergen, Paris and London.

Field Trip: “Doing art politically and not making political art” — Kringsatt Av Fiender, Bergen, Norway

Bob Dickinson joins international art group Alt Gar Bra for an evening of live work, discussion and debate on contemporary art’s role in regards to war, climate change, the market state and globalism… It isn’t easy to...

Relais de Soleil d'Or; Vesa-Pekka Rannikko, Foma, at Forum Box. Photo courtesy Anna Autio.

Field Trip: Turku, Espoo And Helsinki, Finland

Not familiar with contemporary art from Finland? Well, we got a good introduction to it last year when an exhibition, New Narrative and Reader, curated by Laura Koonikka of the Finnish Art Agency,...

Bubny Railway Station, Prague

Field Trip: The Culture Of Golden Prague

Emma Sumner appreciates sauerkraut, the human body and dystopian fiction during a recent trip to Prague… The beautifully preserved city of Prague has a complex history; it has witnessed declarations of independence, Nazi control,...

Baltic 39, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Field Trip: BALTIC 39, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Laura Harris visits a fantastic collaborative resource for artists at a former print works in central Newcastle… Something exciting is happening at BALTIC 39. In a collaboration between Northumbria University, Newcastle City Council...

Malta Festival, Poznan. Photo courtesy Maciej Zakrzewski

Field Trip: Malta Festival, Poznań, Poland

Poznan’s Malta Festival is a diverse and compelling experience set in a city with the same qualities, finds Emma Sumner… Crammed with castles, cathedrals and boasting two clockwork goats as its mascots, the Polish city...