Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, image courtesy Linda Pittwood

Field Trip: Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain

  On a recent trip to Bilbao for the final days of controversial exhibition Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World, Linda Pittwood found a complex fermentation of global and local politics…...

Barbara Kruger, Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto. Photo by Mike Pinnington.

Field Trip: Nuit Blanche Toronto

On a trip to Toronto to visit public realm art festival Nuit Blanche, Mike Pinnington finds a common thread emerges, of words and the power they wield…  ‘Less sleep, more art’ is the...

Flags, Istanbul, 2018, courtesy Laura Robertson

Field Trip: “Sweetness overlaying toxicity” — Istanbul, Turkey

Laura Robertson recalls a disorientating visit to Turkey’s ancient city during a time of crisis… Your hotel room overlooks an enormous crater. It’s where Istanbul Modern art gallery used to be. Some giant...

Conor Rogers. Courtesy of artists and BJCEM

Field Trip: Mediterranea 18 (Young Artists Biennale), Albania

Niki Russell boards a ferry in order to reach the Young Artists Biennale in Albania, and finds that the festival’s larger themes — of history, conflict, dreams and failure — stimulate dialogue between different cultures… Mediterranea...

Frank Benson, Juliana (2014-2015). GOSH! IS IT ALIVE? The human body takes over ARKEN, Denmark, with warts and all. 4 February to 6 August 2017. Images courtesy Pete Goodbody 2017.

Field Trip: Gosh! Is It Alive? ARKEN Museum Of Modern Art, Denmark

Why is it that hyperrealistic depictions of the human form are so unsettling? Pete Goodbody travels to Denmark to experience unnervingly realistic sculpture at ARKEN…  Designed to resemble a beached ship, the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art...

Remnants of the 1984 Winter Olympics bobsleigh run, Sarajevo. Image courtesy Bob Dickinson, 2017

Field Trip: Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

Bob Dickinson takes a detailed tour of Bosnia Herzegovina’s capital and largest city: taking in a Biennial hosted in a bunker, its tunnels and old cinemas, its best bars, and even its 1984 Winter...

Happaratus power glove, Morten Grønning Nielsen

Field Trip: Design Diplomacy, Helsinki Design Week

Answering questions about their careers and passions in the sumptuous surroundings of the Denmark Embassy, ”senior talent” Tauno Tarna and “young talent” Morten Grønning Nielsen set the tone for Helsinki Design Week… “Materials, simplicity, purpose”,...

Manifesta 11: Mike Bouchet © Camilo Brau.

Field Trip: Art Basel And Manifesta 11, Switzerland

What have great bales of poo, a “pavilion of reflections”, banks of iPhone chargers and glossy sculpture halls got in common? Switzerland during art fair season, finds Jack Welsh… Admittedly, flying to one of...

The author Bob Dickinson at Kringsatt Av Fiender performance/exhibition, Bergen, Norway 2016; created by art group Alt Gar Bra, which includes artists from Bergen, Paris and London.

Field Trip: “Doing art politically and not making political art” — Kringsatt Av Fiender, Bergen, Norway

Bob Dickinson joins international art group Alt Gar Bra for an evening of live work, discussion and debate on contemporary art’s role in regards to war, climate change, the market state and globalism… It isn’t easy to...