Bubny Railway Station, Prague

Field Trip: The Culture Of Golden Prague

Emma Sumner appreciates sauerkraut, the human body and dystopian fiction during a recent trip to Prague… The beautifully preserved city of Prague has a complex history; it has witnessed declarations of independence, Nazi control,...

Baltic 39, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Field Trip: BALTIC 39, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Laura Harris visits a fantastic collaborative resource for artists at a former print works in central Newcastle… Something exciting is happening at BALTIC 39. In a collaboration between Northumbria University, Newcastle City Council...

Malta Festival, Poznan. Photo courtesy Maciej Zakrzewski

Field Trip: Malta Festival, Poznań, Poland

Poznan’s Malta Festival is a diverse and compelling experience set in a city with the same qualities, finds Emma Sumner… Crammed with castles, cathedrals and boasting two clockwork goats as its mascots, the Polish city...

Street art on Reykjavík's Laugavegur high street  (photo courtesy Mike Pinington)

Field Trip: A Guide To Reykjavík, Iceland

Spaceship-like art galleries, epic waterfalls and vegetarian street food: if a modern, relaxing city break sounds good, look no further than the Icelandic capital… Iceland in the summertime: 24-hour daylight, and just about...

Khoj Shamala

Field Trip: ‘The Silicon Valley of India’, Bangalore (Bengaluru)

Emma Sumner finds an innovative, experimental and internationally respected creative scene in India’s buzzing metropolis… Perched in the middle of India’s Deep South, the city of Bangalore is probably best known as the...

Asa Baako Festival 2015

Field Trip: Asa Baako Festival, Ghana

Toby Hood enjoys surfing, friendly locals and live music at one of Ghana’s most lively — and eco-aware — arts festivals… As surfers shred the waves in Busua’s beach break cove, the mellow...

Ahmedabad ni Gufa (Gujarati for cave)

Field Trip: Gujarat, ‘The Jewel Of The West’, India

Turner Prize nominees, graffiti and Gandhi: Emma Sumner finds this and more as she continues her introductory guide to the art spaces of India, this time stopping off at the so-called ‘Jewel of the West’…...

Chiara Fumai La donna delinquente (The Criminal Woman)

Field Trip: The Yellow Side Of Sociality At BOZAR, Brussels

Can colour provoke thought about culture? Sinead Nunes visits an exhibition using yellow as a catalyst to consider cultural identity through the challenges and opportunities of migration… For this exhibition at BOZAR, Brussels’ Centre for Fine...

Blackening: Inhabiting the Musuem. Kiran Nadar Museum of Art

Field Trip: Discovering Delhi’s Art Scene

Unable to visit New Delhi and explore in person? Emma Sumner takes us on a tour of the most exciting art spaces India’s capital has to offer… New Delhi is the rapidly pulsating...