The secret gig in Reds venue

Field Trip #4: ATP Part Two

We thought one field trip wasn’t enough to do justice to the weekend’s Jeff Mangum curated ATP, so we went ahead and made it a two-parter… On balance, we reckon you’ll agree with...

Judah Bauer, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Field Trip #4: ATP Part One

For those who’ve never been to ATP, last Wednesday’s playlist will have provided a perfect overview to what it means to All Tomorrow’s Parties die-hards and us alike. The joy of the first...

Richard Goodall Print Gallery

Field Trip #3: Manchester

For our next focus on events away from Liverpool, we thought we’d stay closer to home than usual…  The global arbiter of taste also known as Chloe Sevigny has just spent five months...

Steve Gibson in his studio

Field Trip #2: Zaragoza

Maite Puntes finds Liverpool born artist Steve Gibson bringing light to people in Zaragoza… After four months living in Liverpool I came back to my home town, Zaragoza (a town pretty much slap-bang...

Up and Coming Hannover 2011

Field Trip #1: Hannover

Michelle Langan finds a Hannover full to the brim with art, culture, and weiner schnitzel… There’s nothing more welcoming than being greeted by a Christmas Market in full swing. On leaving the train...