Lou Reed/Transformer

Comment: Lou Reed


Amid the continuing outpouring of tributes for Lou Reed in the print media, where are the TV documentaries to accompany them, asks Mike Pinnington… Waking up on Monday 28th October, casually flicking on...

Bright Phoebus

Bright Phoebus Revisited – Reviewed


A lost classic resurfaces at the Liverpool Philharmonic, leaving Andrew Foulds a Bright Phoebus devotee…  Written by brother and sister duo Mike and Lal Waterson, the folk album Bright Phoebus was released in...

PRODUCT Records 001: The Curfew Tower

PRODUCT Records:
A Different Proposition


This week sees the official launch of PRODUCT, a record label with a difference… The first we heard about PRODUCT was on arrival at our Static Gallery-based office one day a few weeks...


Summercamp – Previewed


A festival not subject to the whims of typical Bank Holiday weather, the inaugural Summercamp promises that and more…  Sitting watching the rain stream down the windows last Saturday night, the mind wandered...

David Bowie is happening Live

The Thing About Bowie


Ahead of a live screening from the David Bowie is exhibition, we take a look at the year that has seen the release of a new Bowie album, and, why we still care...

Marnie image courtesy Lisa Devine

The Big Interview: Marnie


Years spent in the bosom of a band means a foray into solo material can often go either way. We caught up with Ladytron’s Helen Marnie to talk about her first solo record,...

Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys

Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys – Reviewed


The Americana festival at Liverpool Philharmonic provides a rich experience and a taste for Louisiana, finds Fred Johnson… Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys are perhaps not, at first glance at least, the...


Lambchop – Previewed


Longevity and tragedy may have taken their toll, but Nashville’s survivors Lambchop remain undimmed… Having spent a languorous morning reacquainting ourselves with Nashville, Tennessee’s Lambchop recently, it was with some pleasure to realise...

Lunchtime Recital: Giovanni Guzzo

Lunchtime Recital: Giovanni Guzzo


Forget everything you think you know about why classical music isn’t for you and consider Chester Music Festival, says Laura Robertson… Let us begin with a declaration: we are most definitely NOT classical...