“Abandoned and neglected memorials”: Mccoy Wynne’s The Other Self


In an essay by Julia García Hernández, photographers Stephen McCoy and Stephanie Wynne are seen to channel obsolete trig points and ruins in barren landscapes… The project Triangulation is made up of two types of picture: a...

AND A 123 22 September 2017 — 5 November 2017 Artists: Nina Chua, Noel Clueit, Russell Hill, Maeve Rendle, David Rickard, Oliver Tirré and Lisa Watts

“It playfully suggests the potential magic of everyday objects…” AND A 123 – Reviewed


Jack Welsh finds mundane objects imbued with drama at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester… Lisa Watts is kneeling on the floor, slicing wine gums on a small plywood box. She pops them in her mouth before...

Police horses join The Army of Beauty in St Helens for Mark Storor's Baric: Have You Any Pull? 2017. Images courtesy the artist and Heart of Glass

“People congregate in shop fronts to catch a glimpse of the spectacle”: Mark Storor’s Baa Baa Baric


Jack Welsh joins bemused locals in St Helens to report on artist Mark Storor’s epic residency, Baa Baa Baric. Marking two years into his 12 year project for Heart of Glass, Welsh finds...

Manchester Left Writers at Castlefield

Critical, Much? Castlefield Gallery Calls For Critical Writers (D/L 25 Oct)


As they seek applications for their Spring 2018 Launch Pad exhibition, Bob Dickinson sings the praises of the Manchester-based, contemporary art gallery who love to work with writers… Castlefield Gallery’s Launch Pad exhibitions have...

Brown girl in the art world II, courtesy the artist Yung Reen

“It’s exhausting and it hurts”: Brown Girl In The Art World


In this poetic text and photography work, produced for The Royal Standard’s current exhibition, Black Blossoms, Rene Matić candidly describes her experiences as a contemporary artist and a Queer, woman of colour… Do you remember catching sight...

Weak From Dreaming Site specific installation for Autumn Equinox 2017 photo: K.Adibi

“It takes an artist to interpret the spring light…” Lucy May Schofield’s Blue Hours


Artist Lucy May Schofield has been capturing the delicate blue light of the Northumberland landscape — from dawn to dusk and in all weathers — finds Nancy Campbell… One of the most imaginative minds in science, Albert Einstein,...

William Eggleston, Memphis Dust Bowls Vol I, 1970, dye-transfer print. © Eggleston Artistic Trust. Courtesy David Zwirner, New York/London and Wilson Centre for Photography.

In Pictures: States Of America: Photography From The Civil Rights Movement To The Reagan Era


From police lines and classic cars to saxophone players and the New York subway: co-curators Abi Spinks and Irene Aristizábal select their favourite shots from Nottingham Contemporary’s new exhibition, States of America… Abi Spinks’...


Richard Crooks: Impressions From A Journey


Sculptor, traveller, ambitious teacher: artist Richard Crooks uses collage, clay and casts to respond to the contemporary architecture of Bangladesh, finds Stephen Clarke… Situated at the border that demarcates the end of Modernism and the...

Detail, Richard Smith, Alpine (1963). Painting Pop: Paintings from 1960s Britain is on show at Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, until 7 October 2017

“An exhibition that explores image as icon…” Painting Pop: Paintings From 1960s Britain — Reviewed


It’s 55 years since Abbot Hall Art Gallery embraced contemporary art — at Pop Art’s peak. As their new show looks back, Sue Flowers finds artistic concepts — referencing advertising, WWII and gender...