Massimiliano Gottardi, Jung / Jungle (spatial crease), 2020

John Moores Painting Prize 2020: Stranger In The Jungle


For the latest in a series commissioned exclusively for us by the John Moores Painting Prize, poet Amina Atiq sees the Calais Jungle, and her visit there as a translator, and a stranger,...

Missing-Time_16_9_two-1500x843 (1)-web

Morgan Quaintance:
Missing Time


What makes us who we are? In Missing Time, Morgan Quaintance sets out his case that the answer to this question lies in our memories, whether they be from a “personal, collective or...

Barry Anthony Finan, JUMMPINNG ONN TELEVISSIONN, 2018, ceramic, 27 x 30 cm. Photography by Martin Livesey-web

“We recognise and respect everyone’s individuality.”
Introducing Art et al.


The question of diversity isn’t new to the art world, but one group in particular is often left out of the equation. Mike Pinnington speaks to Art et al., a platform fighting for more...

urban geometry med-cron-web

“I have always loved Brutalist architecture” – Art & Politics With Mandy Payne


“Class and politics are inextricably bound up in architecture.” Inspired by modernist structures, social housing, gentrification and marginalised spaces, Mandy Payne has been documenting urban landscapes for the best part of a decade....


John Moores Painting Prize 2020: Paranoia, Close-Up


For the latest in a series commissioned exclusively for us by the John Moores Painting Prize, Mike Pinnington responds to George Wills’ Paranoia, an artwork which gets under the skin of cinema and...


The Faculty North: Socially Engaged Art In The Age Of Social Distance


The pandemic has been a disaster for traditional arts venues. But what impact has social distancing had on socially engaged art and artists? Flora Zajicek reports on The Faculty North, a project rising...


The Art Of Drag: Sasha Velour’s Smoke & Mirrors


“Drag as a state of being.” Verity Reid dives into the visual art inflected world of Sasha Velour, and finds inspiration and non-binary lifestyles in the time of modernism… The prophetic light-bulb moment...


Aspects Of Loneliness:
A Hopper State Of Mind


“Silences talk to us.” Aileen Walsh turns to and finds parallels in Edward Hopper, ‘lyricist of isolation’, in contending with our current predicament…  Today is just like any other. The sameness is driving...

Mother (2018) by Christopher Hanson

John Moores Painting Prize 2020: Mothers and Sons


In a new series commissioned exclusively for us by the John Moores Painting Prize, playwright Marjorie H Morgan selects a trio of works that speak to Black life lived large from mother to son… Wandering,...