Suzanne Lacy Super Slow Way Commission 1 October 2016 fusion performance of Sufi chanters and Shape Note singers Briefield Mill photo Chris Payne

“A highly complex mosaic that stretches far beyond a gallery”: Shapes Of Water, Sounds Of Hope


With American artist Suzanne Lacy’s epic new artwork due to premiere in September at the old Lancastrian mill where it was filmed, Jack Welsh takes us back nearly 12 months to recall its complex...

Abstract Speed - The Car has Passed 1913 by Giacomo Balla 1871-1958

“Set fire to the library shelves!” In Profile: Futurism And The Birth Of The Artists’ Manifesto


As Cate Blanchett takes the lead in Julian Rosefeldt’s new film Manifesto, we take a look behind the thrilling art movement that aimed to shake up early 20th century Italy by publishing the very...


“Strong, contemporary martyrs”: Pär Strömberg’s Black Metal Girls


Sara Jaspan talks Instagram selfies, folklore and Romanticism with artist Pär Strömberg, ahead of his new exhibition of watercolours at PAPER gallery… What makes a selfie so fascinating to look at? Among many things, a...

What's Your Pride Story? 2017

“Nothing will stop me”: International LGBTQ+ Writers Share Their Stories


Andrew Wright speaks to the authors of What’s Your World Pride Story?: an anthology of real-life accounts by writers from across the globe, about love and solidarity, but also extreme violence, rejection, and...

The Alchemy Between Us • Laurence Payot, 2017, courtesy the artist

The Alchemy Between Us: How Artists Really Feel About Engagement


Do artists need other people to be artists? Artist Laurence Payot invited peers, including philosopher Yiota Vassilopoulou, to discuss audiences, echo-chambers, “engagement”, and a host of current issues at Tate Exchange, Liverpool, recently. The...

Mark Leckey, 2015. Photo: Pete Carr © Liverpool Biennial

“To craft something so meaningful from such chaos is a remarkable achievement”: Dream English Kid — Reviewed


Mark Leckey’s current exhibition in Leigh visualises apocalyptic visions of the Cold War, to claustrophobic and joyous visions of club culture, finds Jack Roe… The Turnpike in Leigh is in a moment of transition....

New Henge Heritage at Nine Ladies - photo credit Arianne Churchman & Chloe Langlois

“Art might be quite a ridiculous thing to be doing”: New Henge Heritage And The Reinvention of The Peterborough Stone


Unhenged? Wayne Burrows discusses folk traditions, belief systems and speculative evidence with the artists behind Metal Peterborough’s New Henge Heritage… There’s an episode of Father Ted where a senior cleric visits Craggy Island to...

Larissa Sansour, In the future they ate from the finest porcelain, 2017-slider

Larissa Sansour: In The Future, They Ate From The Finest Porcelain – Reviewed


It’s your last chance to see Larissa Sansour’s scifi-flavoured solo exhibition at the Bluecoat today. Kyle Brown finds a confusing narrative, including spaceships, Palestinian soldiers, and archaeological discoveries… It seems customary these days for...

Eason Tsang ka wai , Boring (30 secs), installation shot, shown at A Look at Looking exhibition, CFCCA, Manchester, 2017. Image courtesy Chelsie Southern

“Feelings of anxiety and dreams of escape”: Eason Tsang Ka Wai’s A Look At Looking


Ashley McGovern speaks to artist and “daring voyeur” Eason Tsang ka wai about trespassing in order to take photographs, boredom, and getting some respite from the suffocating crowds of Hong Kong… We look down,...