It came from Kuchar

Queerfest at FACT


Ahead of Queerfest at FACT, Amy Roberts appraises the influence on mainstream comedy of the Pope of Trash, John Waters… Remember that Kevin Bacon trivia game where he was the Six Degrees Of...


The Ann Arbor Film Festival – On Tour


Chris Brown casts a critical eye over a film festival that’s no Johnny-come-lately… The short film has undergone a revolution in the last 10 years, slipping into the subconscious of many without people...

Tchaikovsky - an elegy

British Animation Awards


Swept up in the excitement of this year’s Oscar nominations? Grab yourself a piece of the decision-making pie by heading down to FACT… It says a lot about the popularity of the British...

War of the Worlds (2005) Paramount Pictures DreamWorks SKG Amblin Entertainment

Generation X-tinct


Amy Roberts takes us on a whistle-stop tour of apocalyptic scenarios the movies wouldn’t want us to miss… It seems with every new year comes another threat of impending apocalypse. It doesn’t take...

the grams

Little White Lines


The NME called it ‘the best book ever written about being in a band’. On the DVD release of Powder, we spoke to author Kevin Sampson about adaptation, airport lounges and the grams!...

2001: A Space Odyssey

Sci-fi Screenings at FACT


FACT and The Arts Catalyst invite you on a journey Sci-fi fans won’t want to miss. The programming of films to compliment the current Arts Catalyst and FACT exhibition, Republic of The Moon,...

Contagion, Gina Czarnecki

Spreading The Disease


C James Fagan explores the enduring relationship between pop culture and our oldest fears. All around us there exists a myriad of tiny invisible creatures, creatures that have the ability to change us...

les enfants_web

Les Enfants du Paradis – Reviewed


Rachael Jones on a classic of French Cinema recently restored by the British Film Institute… Seeing a film that lasts more than three hours takes preparation. You need enough caffeine to see you...




Natalie Pearson takes a look at the latest in a string of cult screenings at FACT and finds alternative programming can pay… FACT opened its doors to the weird and wonderful Eurotrash film...