2001: A Space Odyssey

Sci-fi Screenings at FACT


FACT and The Arts Catalyst invite you on a journey Sci-fi fans won’t want to miss. The programming of films to compliment the current Arts Catalyst and FACT exhibition, Republic of The Moon,...

Contagion, Gina Czarnecki

Spreading The Disease


C James Fagan explores the enduring relationship between pop culture and our oldest fears. All around us there exists a myriad of tiny invisible creatures, creatures that have the ability to change us...

les enfants_web

Les Enfants du Paradis – Reviewed


Rachael Jones on a classic of French Cinema recently restored by the British Film Institute… Seeing a film that lasts more than three hours takes preparation. You need enough caffeine to see you...




Natalie Pearson takes a look at the latest in a string of cult screenings at FACT and finds alternative programming can pay… FACT opened its doors to the weird and wonderful Eurotrash film...

Director Terrence Davies

Terence Davies — Liverpool’s Greatest Son


Laura Brown on the quiet resurgence of one of Liverpool’s greatest sons…  Terence Davies tells a story about his accent. The rather plummy, drawling, sonorously toned British voice narrating Of Time and the City is...

Rachel Weisz

The Deep Blue Sea – Reviewed


Rachael Jones finds a director at the height of his powers, and armed with a sonnet… London, 1950 (ish), a woman stares out of a window to a voiceover of her own suicide...