Film Podcast #12: Amour


Film Podcast #12: Amour by The Double Negative on Mixcloud DW Mault reviews Austrian film-maker Michael Haneke’s (Hidden, The White Ribbon) new release, Amour. Described by the Guardian as an “effortlessly graceful picture...


Barbara and The Berlin School


Barbara, the new film from The Berlin School’s Christian Petzold, raises age-old questions, finds DW Mault… Cinema has a tendency to eat itself, with a constant search for the new, the exotic. The...

Ben Affleck's Argo

Film Podcast #11: Argo, The Sapphires and Grassroots


Film Podcast #11: Argo, The Sapphires and Grassroots by The Double Negative on Mixcloud DW Mault reviews Ben Affleck’s historical drama Argo, Wayne Blair’s musical comedy The Sapphires and Stephen Gyllenhaal’s comedy Grassroots....

Nosferatu's Count Orlok

Celebrating 90 years of the Vampire in film


We humans seem increasingly incapable of kicking the vampire habit. Long may it continue… Yeah we know Hallowe’en has come and gone, but seeing Nosferatu with a wonderful live score from Minima earlier...

Wu Tsang's Wildness

Wildness – Reviewed


Wu Tsang’s first feature Wildness is a confident, touching and highly promising one, finds  Justin Lewis…  Filmmaker, artist and activist Wu Tsang was praised earlier this year in the Whitney Biennial and Outfest in...

The Creator Al & Al

Who is The Creator?


The Creator, a film about Alan Turing, was conceived by the only filmmakers who could have made it, says Laura Brown… History is what those who have power write down. Poor you if...

Room 237

Room 237 – a cineaste’s delight


DW Mault on new film Room 237, and the continuing enigma of, and fascination with, Stanley Kubrick… Cinema from its birth has welcomed mystery; what Freud called the sense of the other, the...

Rust And Bone

Rust And Bone – Reviewed


DW Mault finds beauty and truth in the existentialism of Rust And Bone… It seems a perfect time to be discussing the death of Anglo-Saxon narrative cinema, the morning after the announcement of...

Reel Unknown The Goonies

Goonies never say die!


Rachael Jones ventures into the night for her second bite of the Reel Unknown experience… We’re going to start this review with a bold statement: we are, to quote Daphne Moon, ‘a little...