Blade Runner - one of our top ten films

Film Podcast #9: Our Top Ten Films of All Time


Film Podcast #9: Our Top Ten Films of All Time by The Double Negative on Mixcloud Special edition! DW Mault and our panel of writers, film critics and filmmakers introduce their top ten...

Michael Fassbender, Shame

Shame: A selective history of compulsive behaviour in cinema


Nik Glover takes a look at cinema’s ongoing fascination with compulsion… We are in a nameless bar in New York. A man is seated at the counter, his attention elsewhere, drinking alone. A woman...

Miranda July's The Future

The Unexpected Guest in Cinema


Amy Roberts provides a filmic spin on Hospitality and The Uninvited Guest… When I’d read that Guardian art critic Adrian Seale had described this year’s Biennial theme of Hospitality and The Unexpected Guest...

Jaws Jameson Film Club: Brody

Jaws: The Experience


Mel Gilbert found she was in need of a bigger boat – or is that whiskey tumbler –  on a recent trip to the Maritime Museum…  Who knew that we lived near shark-infested...


Rebecca – Previewed


Adam Scovell on Rebecca, and the dark symmetry between Alfred Hitchcock and Daphne Du Maurier… The novels of Daphne Du Maurier share a natural cohesion to the cinematic virtues of Alfred Hitchcock. Both...


Orphée @ Metal – Previewed


Adam Scovell looks back at Jean Cocteau, a director who survived the tearing up of the rule book by the French New Wave… One of the directors of cinema’s old wave of French...


Film Podcast #8: Lawless


DW Mault introduces the prohibition-set western Lawless. Can this, the latest project from director John Hillcoat and screenwriter Nick Cave (the pair behind modern classic The Proposition), live up to expectations? Also up...

Tim Burton

The World of Tim Burton


With Hallowe’en on the way, The World of Tim Burton is a perfect excuse to reacquaint ourselves with this maverick of the macabre… This week saw FACT’s The World of Tim Burton season...

Isolda Dychauk in Faust

Film Podcast #7: Faust


DW Mault reviews Russian director Alexander Sokurov’s Faust. This version of the German legend – in which a man sells his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge – won the Golden...