Laurence Anyways

Film Podcast #15: Laurence Anyways


Film Podcast #15: Laurence Anyways by The Double Negative on Mixcloud DW Mault reviews Transgender drama Laurence Anyways, by much acclaimed 23 year old director Xavier Dolan. Québécois writer-director Dolan follows I Killed...


Alps and the new Greek Cinema


DW Mault on Giorgos Lanthimos, a man in the vanguard of the new Greek Cinema… Uncertainty and unease are very much to the forefront of the cinema of Giorgos Lanthimos: a dreamlike essence...

The Night of the Hunter

The Night of the Hunter – Previewed


Adam Scovell on The Night of the Hunter, a directorial debut of rare quality… There are certain curios in cinema; films that are one offs, unique, which leave a desire for more. Charles...

5 Broken Cameras

Film Podcast #14: 5 Broken Cameras


Film Podcast #14: 5 Broken Cameras by The Double Negative on Mixcloud DW Mault reviews amateur filmmaker Emad Burnat’s 5 Broken Cameras, a documentary about one community’s peaceful resistance against the odds. When...

Lord of The Rings

Lord of The Rings – Previewed


With the Lord of The Rings trilogy showing in full at FACT next month, Nik Glover takes a look at the fantasy genre’s on screen history… Six hundred and one minutes. This is...


Film Podcast #13: End of Watch and Alps


Film Podcast #13: Alps and End of Watch by The Double Negative on Mixcloud DW Mault reviews latest Jake Gyllenhaal vehicle, End of Watch and the new film Alps, from Dogtooth director Giorgos...

Keep the Lights on

Keep the Lights on – Previewed


DW Mault on that rarest of things, the English-language film which refuses to spoonfeed… Duality is key component of the philosophical ideal of both reaction and explanation to the unanswered question: the Socratic...

Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia – Previewed


DW Mault takes a philosophical trip through David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia, restored for its 50th anniversary… Cinema is a question with no answer. A rhetorical question then? Maybe. An argument with itself,...

Haneke @ Cannes

My Cherie Amour


DW Mault writes a (kind of) love letter to Michael Haneke, the creator of Amour, the film which won him a second consecutive Palme d’Or… Haneke, light of my life, fire of my loins....