Bruce Campbell The Evil Dead 2

Certificate XX: The Video Nasties


It’s 30 years since the country was wrapped up in a media fire-storm of never-before seen proportions. We’re talking Video Nasties, folks… In 1983 the Department of Public Prosecution made known a list...

Andrey Zvyagintsev's Elena

Discover Tuesdays – Elena


DW Mault on Elena, at once a lament and a thesis on modern day Russia and beyond… The past is a foreign country, and our relations with the past brings with it elements...

What Richard Did

What Richard Did


DW Mault on What Richard Did, and its director, a man of rare subtlety and daring… Sometimes nature (and by nature I mean cinema) abhors a vacuum, how else do we explain the...


What is Gummo?


DW Mault contemplates Gummo, which screens at Metal tomorrow, and its maverick director Harmony Korine… I want to convince you to experience the unknown, that nothing will ever be the same. The hardest...

RIP Blockbuster

RIP Blockbuster


Stuart Ian Burns takes a trip down memory lane, when renting a film meant endless waiting, bus trips and fines … When it was announced that Blockbuster had entered administration, my first reaction...

Kubrick's Fear and Desire

Stanley Kubrick’s Fear and Desire


DW Mault on Fear And Desire, the debut denounced by Stanley Kubrick… Cinema, like life, is the very element of subjectivity and sometimes the people closest to something miss what is apparent only...

Django Unchained

Film Podcast #18: Django Unchained


Film Podcast #18: Django Unchained by The Double Negative on Mixcloud DW Mault reviews Quentin Tarantino’s new violent western, Django Unchained. With the help of a German bounty hunter and former dentist, Dr....

Frankenstein (1931)

A Questioning Nature: Frankenstein


Adam Scovell takes a second look at this definitive horror film and finds subversion, satire and an underrated director … Though its screening is more of a tie-in to science and technology than...

Holy Motors

Film Podcast #17: Top Ten Films of 2012


Film Podcast #17: Top Ten Films of 2012 by The Double Negative on Mixcloud With the Golden Globe winners just having been revealed, and the Baftas and Oscars yet to come, we look...