Film Podcast #20: Flight

Film Podcast #20: Flight by The Double Negative on Mixcloud

DW Mault reviews addiction drama Flight, directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Denzel Washington, James Badge Dale and John Goodman.

Director Zemeckis, of Back to the Future,  Romancing the Stone and The Polar Express (Steven Spielberg produced many of his films), brings us the story of airline pilot Whip Whitaker (Washington), who saves his flight from crashing. The ensuing investigation, however, reveals troubling facts about Whitaker’s addictions, and his ability to fly aircraft in the first place.

Is this Washington’s finest performance to date?

Hosted by director and cineaste DW Mault, with special guests, writers Amy Roberts and Matthew Fox.

Watch the trailer for Flight

Posted on 06/02/2013 by thedoublenegative