Laura Mvula

Sounds of 2013?

The BBC announce their ‘most promising new music acts’ of 2013. We ask: is it simply a look at the new wave of new beige? So here we are again, picking out the...


Playlist #24: Happy Hallowe’en

Hallowe’en – far too commercialised these days, eh? Console yourself with a playlist very much in the spirit of things… It’s that time again, when even more sirens can be heard outside of...

Andrew "Tiny" Wood from Ultrasound

Playlist #23: The Beautiful Ones

It was the scene that helped define and produce a generation of musicians, so why is Britpop such a dirty word? When Ultrasound imploded in 1999, so too did Britpop’s last great hope....

Cat Power, AKA Chan Marshall

Playlist #22: Cat Power and Me

Marc Hall takes a personal – at times painful – journey through the Cat Power canon… There’s something about Chan Marshall AKA Cat Power. Of the hundreds of musical performances I’ve seen over...


Playlist #21: Soundtrack to your life

Adam Scovell on the soundtrack to the movie of his life… When wandering the streets with my reality blockers (or headphones as some people call them) on full, it becomes extremely easy to...

Green Man 2012, courtesy M Harris

Playlist #20: Green Man 2012

In his latest playlist, Marc Hall reflects on last weekend’s Green Man Festival. I’ve been to many festivals over the years. I cut my teeth at Glastonbury, enriched my musical landscape with ATP...

Worlds of Possibility, Domino Records

Playlist #19: The Domino Effect

Brit-pop was an important time for the UK music industry, not least because it led one man to introduce US indie to a saturated, tired scene…  In 2003, a proto team Double Negative...

Adam Green

Playlist #18: skip, skip, play…

Marc Hall invites us on a journey to listen to the comforting classics and (not so) secret shames on his iPod…  As ever my faithful iPod will be loaded with 16 GB of...


Playlist #17: What’s Up Matador?

Searching for new music inspiration? It may be wise to start by checking which label signed your favourite band… What are the factors which dictate music taste, the type of genres we love...