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Playlist: Hey! Ho! Let’s Go! Remembering The Ramones

With the sad passing of drummer and last surviving bandmate, Tommy Ramone, over the weekend, Joseph Viney reminds us why The Ramones stood out in a New York punk scene teeming with talent… The...

Playlist: Miles Davis' Lift to the Scaffold (1958)

Playlist: Miles Davis’ Lift to the Scaffold (1958)

Ahead of a screening and discussion at Cornerhouse tomorrow, Kieran Duffy marvels at the “blisteringly energetic bebop” created for Louis Malle’s New Wave thriller… The legendary musician Miles Davis was a figure at...

Carey Young, Body Techniques. Walk On, The Atkinson

Playlist: Walk On

Inspired by The Atkinson’s new exhibition, Walk On, C James Fagan ponders the perfect tracks to stroll along to… Very recently I wrote about the strange alchemy of walking, of walking as a...

Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies

Playlist: Happy Birthday Antipop Records

Like your music fast and dirty? As Antipop celebrates 5 years of fist-pumping gigs and DIY releases, we ask them to make a special birthday playlist… Hi Antipop! How and why did you...

Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip

Playlist: Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip

“The world don’t revolve around you, but it should”: Chris Carr’s musical heroes are on tour and it’s the perfect excuse for a playlist… Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip have moulded a...

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, interior (image via wiki)

Playlist: Cathedral Soundwalk

Plug in your earphones and let Anthony Ellis takes you on a special ‘sound walk’ along Hope Street… Being from Manchester, I’ve always said that Liverpool has three things, amongst others, that Cottonopolis...

Spaced Out: The Very Best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner

Playlist: Sounds of Science Fiction

Ahead of FACT’s new science fiction inspired exhibition, C James Fagan listens to the skies… Science fiction and music have had quite a flirty relationship over the years. Musicians draw inspiration from the...

Warpaint (image courtesy The Guardian)

Playlist: 10 Best Spring Gigs

Toby Hood compiles a mixtape of his favourite tracks from the best of this Spring’s touring indie musicians… With recent high winds and flooding, it might be hard to see the dawn of...

Damon Albarn, Bobby Womack

Playlist: Bobby Womack, Soul Man

Ahead of his live performance at Liverpool Philharmonic this Sunday, we look at soul legend Bobby Womack’s greatest hits… Bobby Womack is, by any account, an industry legend. With collaborators including Aretha Franklin,...