Worlds of Possibility, Domino Records

Playlist #19: The Domino Effect

Brit-pop was an important time for the UK music industry, not least because it led one man to introduce US indie to a saturated, tired scene…  In 2003, a proto team Double Negative...

Adam Green

Playlist #18: skip, skip, play…

Marc Hall invites us on a journey to listen to the comforting classics and (not so) secret shames on his iPod…  As ever my faithful iPod will be loaded with 16 GB of...


Playlist #17: What’s Up Matador?

Searching for new music inspiration? It may be wise to start by checking which label signed your favourite band… What are the factors which dictate music taste, the type of genres we love...

david bowie ziggy_web

Playlist #16: Loving the Alien

It’s 40 years since David Bowie unleashed Ziggy Stardust onto an unsuspecting world. Marc Hall celebrates the milestone, playlist style! 40 years ago this month – June 6, 1972 to be precise, David...


Playlist #15: The Summer Festival

With summer festival season underway, we thought we’d cut through the line-up confusion and pick 10 of the best from 2012′s crop… As I sit and write this, the sun is beginning to...

Kurt Cobain

Playlist #14: The Replacements

Marc Hall takes a look at the curious lack of a fuss when it comes to drafting in a new band member to keep the show on the road… Sometime a little bit...


Playlist #13: Introducing Deep Hedonia

Their first gig just around the corner, we invited Deep Hedonia in to give us an insight into their eclectic tastes, and perhaps a hint of what we can expect of their shows…...

Margot & Richie, The Royal Tenenbaums

Playlist #12: Wes Anderson

Definition of QUIRKY: “adjective strikingly unconventional or given to idiosyncrasies.” Part of the process of commodification for the purpose of selling a product to the largest audience possible means sticking a label on...

Beastie Boys: Diamond, Yauch and Horovitz

Playlist #11: Songs for MCA

Tough to write but easy to listen to, the latest playlist remembers Adam Yauch and the music he created with his band, The Beastie Boys… There’s an unwritten rule about playlists, mix-tapes or...