The Beastie Boys

People Places: On Music and Nostalgia

Why does the music we listen to in our teens matter so much? Mike Pinnington takes a deep dive into his own formative years to investigate… I’m four years old. A sickly child,...

C90 mixtape

Playlist: J.D. XXVII.: Mixtapes of Keith Haring

Artist Patrick Staff has spent a year in Keith Haring’s archives listening to mixtapes – made for Haring by friends, and by his lover, DJ Juan Dubose. Ahead of a dedicated five hour ‘deep listening’ jam...


Playlist: Synthetic Noise

Beyond uploading tracks online and crossing their fingers, how do new artists get their music heard? We spoke to Stefanie Chew, who some of you may know under the moniker Faded Gold, about...

House For Arnold Bocklin

Playlist: Michael Lacey

Why do we make music? Here, Michael Lacey traces how an early impulse to have fun eventually led to his creating “reflective, dreamy spaces” inspired by some of the artists on the accompanying...


Playlist: Emotion Wave

Founded amid frustration at traditional gig staging, Emotion Wave have evolved to showcasing producers and musicians. Mike Pinnington talks to the initially reluctant label… A “bastion of creative minds”, together Neil Grant (AKA...

Pale Master Press Shot

Playlist: Pale Master

Welcome to the final TDN playlist of 2018, in which Mike Pinnington speaks to Pale Master’s JC about slow burn ideas coming to fruition, tactile releases and encouraging an “honest dynamic” with artists… The...


Playlist: Philophobia Music

In the latest in a series celebrating independent record labels, Mike Pinnington speaks to Rob Dee, founder of Wakefield’s Philophobia Music… An independent record label founded in Wakefield, Philophobia Music was established in...

Mésange, courtesy Steve Gullick

Playlist: God Unknown Records

The first of a series of interviews and playlists looking at new and independent labels, Mike Pinnington speaks to musician and founder of God Unknown Records, Jason Stoll, about the acts he’s cherry-picked and...


Playlist: Kick Ass Women On Tour This Spring

Listen up, Britain! Laura Robertson makes a list of the sheroes kicking ass and taking names across the UK during April and May… Goat Girl Goat Girl named themselves after Bill Hicks’ porn-loving,...