You are the only witness to the streetlight’s fight against the night...

3 am: Wonder, Paranoia and the Restless Night

Inspired by the forthcoming exhibition of the same name at the Bluecoat, C James Fagan presses play on a mix probing night’s dark recesses…  It’s 3 AM. Where are you? Lost in an...

Dino Jr. Courtesy Brantley Gutierrez

10 Best: Autumn Gigs

As Autumn approaches, it’s comforting to know it brings with it an impressive batch of gigs. We pick our top 10… We hate to be the ones to break the news, but summer...

Rough Trade East

Rough Trade Records

A label with more peaks and troughs than its average signing, Rough Trade Records has a colourful history…  When the Strokes’ debut, Is This It, surfaced in 2001, it served a dual purpose....

The Queen is Dead

Literature in Pop!

Inspired by last week’s World Book Night, Nathan Richardson takes us through some of his best-loved literary songs… Last Tuesday (23rd April) was World Book Night. In cities across the U.K. a series...

ACDSleeve; Entrepreneurs - Fuck Tactics/Bubblegunk

ACDSleeve: Songs I Love

Especially for Record Store day, we ask design genius and founder of ACDSleeve, Tom Leggett, to take us on a tour of his favourite releases … For a guy who designs album packaging for...

Ken Ishii, Extra

Soundtrack to my Ego

The mixtape is the ultimate representation of the ego, argues C James Fagan, as he gets to grips with his very own cultural artefact … Music, noise and sound; hardly new things, but...

Louis Prima and his band

When Melody Ruled the Airwaves

Artist Michael Lacey takes the playlist’s helm this week, to muse most vigorously on enjoying classic doo-wop, swing and jazz … Music plays an important role in my artistic practice, keeping me tethered...

Team Upitup

Upitup Are 10!

Next week sees underground electronic label Upitup Records celebrate a decade swimming against the tide… In a city dominated by guitar music, it’s heartening that with passion and talent, a group of electronic...

Joan as Policewoman

My Gurl: Subverting Rock

On International Women’s Day, we thought it only fitting to celebrate some of our favourite female artists, playlist style…  Historically, women in pop and rock are generally only allowed to play one of...