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Storyhouse, Chester: exterior

“Storytelling will hold this building together”: Introducing Storyhouse, Chester

Chester’s brand new cultural centre enjoys its official launch next Thursday. Ahead of the big day, Hannah Allan speaks to its staff and local residents to understand the area’s creative needs, and the...

Rogue Artist Studios: Jenny Steele, Over and Over, Jump In!

Jumping Into The Unknown: What Next For Rogue Studios?

It’s a familiar story of increasing city-centre gentrification. But where does it leave one more arts space facing eviction? Daniel McMillan speaks to the artists of Rogue, Manchester, about paving the way for expensive...

The Royal Standard; illustration by Paul McQuay for On Being Curious: New Critical Writing on Contemporary Art From the North-West of England (2016). Edited by Laura Robertson. Published by The Double Negative on behalf of Contemporary Visual Arts Network North-West (CVAN NW)

“It’s my dream job, but it’s voluntary”: Trials And Triumphs At The Royal Standard

One of the world’s top artist-led galleries celebrates 10 years — including a summer exhibition with previously exhibited artists Liliane Lijn, David Sherry, Oliver Braid and Pil and Galia Kollectiv and more – in...

The International 3, Joe Fletcher Orr, Mummy's Boy (installation shot)

“Both tongue-in-cheek and trite”: Joe Fletcher Orr / Mummy’s Boy — Reviewed

What is an artistic collaborator? Is it someone who decided to “reach out” after scanning your Instagram feed, or can it be someone who has known you since you were born? Orla Foster ponders...

Liverpool Biennial Associate Artists Programme: Frances Disley

“Completely committed to the development of young talent”: Introducing Liverpool Biennial’s Associate Artists Programme

In offering international travel expenses, curatorial mentorships and commissions, Liverpool Biennial is giving artists based in the North just what they need. Jack Welsh speaks to the people involved about how more responsive relationships between...


Preston Is My Paris: Reflections On Social Class In Art And Photography

With very little writing accompanying the photographic essays of Preston is my Paris (PPP), we are left with only the semiotics of images and imagined narratives. Here, Ruth White interprets the publications’ underlying political and social significance…...

Liverpool Biennial: Claude Parent at Tate Liverpool

Why Do Galleries Exist?

C. James Fagan wants to be stimulated by the things he sees in the gallery. But is that what the gallery is for? Here, he ponders the broader purposes and concerns of our contemporary...

Chinese Whispers -- Chris Paul Daniels

Reflexive Modernity — The Work Of Chris Paul Daniels

Charting our own lives in the framework of individual and national identity: Amelia Crouch assesses the audio and film work of artist Chris Paul Daniels… In Chris Paul Daniels’ 2013 film Premier/Divisions the first voice...

Kirsten Dunst, Fargo (Channel 4)

Dunst, Dreamers And Drones: The Double Negative Awards 2015

We have asked our critics to name their cultural winners of 2015: who will make the cut? What to say about a year where The Double Negative discussed shame with Jon Ronson? Watched...