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Practising Place (2019), published by Art Editions North, ed. by Elaine Speight

“The democratic art of conversation-based writing”: Practising Place Book Review

What might a dating agency for artists and researchers look like? Sara Jaspan on a new book that brings together different people with the same interests in art and ideas… In his co-authored...

Annihilation (2018) Netflix (still)

Culture Diary w/c 12-03-2018

Our pick of this week’s arts, design, film and music events from around the North of England and the rest of the UK – and loads of it’s free! Monday – Annihilation (2018)...

Magda Stawarska-Beavan

Urban Vibrations: Sound, Selfhood And The City In The Work Of Magda Stawarska-Beavan

Start listening again: Dr James G. Mansell investigates the “deeply personal” sonic artworks of Magda Stawarska-Beavan… Listen. What can you hear? All quiet? Or is there a noise? Most of us rarely pause to consider...

Artist William Titley’s ongoing project Demolition Street

“Unveiling the sediments of a lost landscape”: William Titley’s Demolition Street

A collection of door knobs. Unclaimed mail. An ironing board. Through recording the evacuation of one Lancashire community, finds Steve Millington, the artist William Titley has made permanent a series of internal displacements, and the...

Oxford Arms, London (1875) Demolished around 1876

Tracking The Process Of Abandonment: Victoria Lucas’ Decaying Urban Spaces

Oxford Arms, London (1875) Demolished around 1876 (above) Artist Victoria Lucas charts the abandonment of obsolete buildings through film and photography, finds Emma Fraser; and in doing so, salvages material relics of the modern world…...

David Jacques, The Dionysians of West Lancs, still

Inhabiting The Edge: Tricksterism And Radical Liminality

An unassuming Southport beach in the hands of artist David Jacques becomes the battleground for a social and cultural negotiation, finds Les Roberts… Edges can be many things. They can be sharp (in that they incise...

The Invaders Archive (2014) - Rebecca Chesney

On Being Out Of Place: The Artwork Of Rebecca Chesney

As part of our new publishing collaboration with In Certain Places, here art historian Rosemary Shirley discusses the concept of nature and ‘wildness’ — an interest she shares with artist Rebecca Chesney… According...