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Ladytron Announce New Album, Release Lead Single, City of Angels

Ladytron recently remarked (via their Twitter account) that, with Liverpool having been awarded Eurovision hosting duties next year, they were ready to enter 2023’s song contest. I can’t tell whether or not they...

Charmaine Watkiss: The Wisdom Tree. Copyright Simon Warner 2022

Charmaine Watkiss: The Wisdom Tree – Reviewed

Sarah Feinstein on Leeds Art Gallery’s current exhibition of drawing, The Wisdom Tree, from artist Charmaine Watkiss: an ‘exquisite’ ode to Caribbean women and their histories, remembrance and endurance… The Wisdom Tree, curated...


What is Science Fiction for? | Nalo Hopkinson

What do we think about when we think about Science Fiction? What is it for? Here, in an excerpt from Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination, author Nalo Hopkinson explores… What is...

Tate Gallery Liverpool © liverpoolbiennial2021.com

Opinion: Who are you calling insignificant?

It was with grim interest (and practically open-mouthed) that this week we read that the Telegraph had lazily declared Liverpool, more or less, a cultural backwater, in an article written under the artificial...


Thrill and Dread: The Poetics of Ruins

For as long as he can remember, Mike Pinnington has been visiting one particular artwork again and again. Here, with reference to a painting by Louis Daguerre, he considers our obsession with ruins...

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Colour and Manipulation: Grey Crawford’s Chroma

More than forty years since Grey Crawford began his darkroom experiments that seem to anticipate digital aesthetics, the world is finally catching up and giving the conceptual artist his due, says Wayne Burrows… ...


Refractive Pool: Contemporary Painting in Liverpool – Reviewed

Taking the temperature of contemporary painting in Liverpool, Refractive Pool features a plethora of styles. Leah Binns investigates the Walker Art Gallery’s current exhibition… Situated upstairs in Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery, an institution...

Leeds-based four-piece English Teacher

Playlist: Disquiet Club Residency

English Teacher! The Orielles! Jockstrap! Robocobra Quartet! In this month’s Playlist, Disquiet Club’s Aaron Williams brings together the bands he thinks reflect the tumultuous times we’re living through…  Forged in the white-hot fires of a post-truth...

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Manchester Collective’s WEATHER – Previewed

“An artistic record of threatened environments.” Mike Pinnington gives his forecast on Manchester Collective’s new experimental orchestral show WEATHER… Music is elemental. Its properties, in the right hands, can electrify, rouse and inspire,...