Photographs from Another Place: In search of Sydney J. Gearing

When an artist purchased some century-old glass negatives online, he couldn’t have imagined the journey they would take him on. Mike Pinnington investigates the haunting of Alan J. Ward…  “I confess that I...

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“Diversity is crucial to evolution” – How an embedded approach to contemporary art engages communities in the North West

“If the arts cannot reflect a diverse range of backgrounds, they simply will not represent who we are as a country.” Bob Dickinson explores the region’s embedded arts organisations… If there’s one clear...


End of the World Film Club #5: The Black Power Mix Tape 1967 – 1975

“We have to document our history; if we’re gonna tell the story, let’s tell the story right.” Join us for our next End of the World Film Club, in which we turn our...

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Small Talk, My Animal – Reviewed “The domestic has always been a backstage to art”

“The strength of this exhibition lies in its artists’ confrontations of the intimacy of home.” Nina Hanz reviews online exhibition, Small Talk, My Animal… I am writing this from the kitchen table, working...


“I feel some kind of affinity with the cormorant” – David Blandy’s
How to Fly

“Watching the film, you become entirely present.” Mike Pinnington finds time to breathe, with a new artwork from David Blandy… “Hi guys. I’ve been thinking about making a film about flying.” So begins...


End of the World Film Club #4: Tehran Taboo

“Saying ‘no’ is more important than breathing in Tehran.” Join us for our next End of the World Film Club, in which we turn our attention to first time director Ali Soozandeh’s Tehran...


Now & After Lockdown: Opportunities, Ideas and Inspiration

Helping you get creative in the strange new normal… Recently, we were invited by the brill Writing on the Wall to take part in their Enterprise Hub (via Zoom, natch), to talk about...


End of the World Film Club #3: The Conversation

“People were hurt because of my work, and I’m afraid it could happen again…” Join us for our next End of the World Film Club, in which we’ll watch and discuss Francis Ford...


Insane Energy: Lifting the Lid on Kötting and Kubrick

Boxes and their contents – figurative and otherwise – loom large in both Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Andrew Kötting’s The Whalebone Box, finds Lee Ashworth… Open the box! Open the box! Open the...