Elbows at Dawn, Matt Antoniak and Matt Wilkinson, curated by MILK, Abingdon Studios Project Space (2018)

“Artists can’t be expected to act as cultural leaders for free”
– Interview: Garth Gratrix

Many artists and independent spaces have suffered as a result of lockdown, and a lack of support centrally. Mike Pinnington caught up with Abingdon Studios’ Garth Gratrix, who is looking to buck the...

felix-mooneeram-evlkOfkQ5rE-unsplash (1)

“The last few months have emphasised what we’ve been missing” – Cinema after Lockdown

Cinemas in England opened more than a month ago and lockdown continues to ease. But, asks Mike Pinnington, can the silver screen reclaim the droves of audiences lost to over-performing streaming services? During...

The Shining

End of the World Film Club #9:
The Shining

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Join us for our next, perhaps final End of the World Film Club, in which we’ll watch and discuss Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining...


“It was a struggle to find someone of colour at the forefront” – Interview: Jaheed Hussain

Jaheed Hussain founded “passion project” Fuse Manchester to encourage a more inclusive creative sector. We caught up with the graphic designer and writer to talk representation, unconscious bias and keeping momentum going… The Double Negative:...


LJMU Graphic Design and Illustration – Class of 2020

With many of 2020′s graduates missing out on in real life degree shows, we invited some of our ones to watch from LJMU’s Graphic Design and Illustration BA to introduce their work…  Alex Gorcik...

Absolutely Augmented Reality, Kuzma Vostrikov and Ajuan Song,  In New York (2)

Absolutely Augmented Reality: Kuzma Vostrikov and Ajuan Song – In Pictures

Citing influences ranging from Rene Magritte, Yayoi Kusama and Ren Hang to surrealist filmmakers such as Michel Gondry, we asked the self-declared photoexistentialist duo, Kuzma Vostrikov and Ajuan Song, to talk us through...


End of the World Film Club #8: Girlhood

Join us for our next End of the World Film Club, in which we’ll watch and discuss director Céline Sciamma’s banlieu story, Girlhood, a coming-of-age tale that fizzes with life… So, where are...

Grundy Exterior/Noel Clueit, Um

“Art is an integral part of a contemporary tourist offer”
Blackpool – Anything but Monocultural

Who does art serve and how, and does it depend on place? Mike Pinnington speaks to the curators at Blackpool’s Grundy Gallery to get a picture of how the seaside town is anything...


– Luke Tonge

Continuing the GRADSHOWCASE series devised by Craig Oldham Luke Tonge, co-director of Birmingham Design, selects his Pro Picks of 2020′s graduates… George Lee, University of Salford Urgh. George Lee is so darnn talented...