Xu Bing: Landscape/Landscript at the Ashmolean Museum

Must-See Exhibitions of 2013

Wondering how the year ahead looks in visual arts? Wonder no more… While we’re all huddled around steaming cups of tea, cowering from the inches of snow we’re reliably informed awaits us, it’s...

Frankenstein (1931)

A Questioning Nature: Frankenstein

Adam Scovell takes a second look at this definitive horror film and finds subversion, satire and an underrated director … Though its screening is more of a tie-in to science and technology than...

HMV falls into administration

HMV Rings Death Knell

HMV goes into administration: another death knell for the high street or succor for local industry? As HMV called in the receivers my mind was immediately shunted back to two Christmases worth of working in...

Holy Motors

Film Podcast #17: Top Ten Films of 2012

Film Podcast #17: Top Ten Films of 2012 by The Double Negative on Mixcloud With the Golden Globe winners just having been revealed, and the Baftas and Oscars yet to come, we look...

Laura Mvula

Sounds of 2013?

The BBC announce their ‘most promising new music acts’ of 2013. We ask: is it simply a look at the new wave of new beige? So here we are again, picking out the...

Bird Sheet Music @ Tate Liverpool on Sunday

Culture Diary w/c 14-01-13

Tuesday – Jiro Dreams of Sushi 8.30pm @ FACT Jiro Ono is the 85 year old master chef at a 10-seater sushi restaurant, secreted away in an underground station in Tokyo.  The clue...

Dutch Painting 004 © David Penny, A Lecture Upon the Shadow, Open Eye Gallery

A lecture, love, in love’s philosophy

A lecture in love’s philosophy? Linda Pittwood considers Open Eye Gallery’s latest exhibition, A Lecture Upon The Shadow… “Stand still, and I will read to thee / A lecture, love, in love’s philosophy...

David Bowie releases his first new single in a decade

Week at a Glance 11-01-13

David Bowie releases first new material in a decade Icon David Bowie celebrated his 66th birthday this week by releasing his first new material in a decade. The single, Where are We Now? (pictured...

Ged Hunter's Leonard

What are short films for?

Back in November, DW Mault attended FACT’s Liverpool film night. Would he leave any the wiser about short film?   What are short films for? What are their uses? Do they exist to...