Drinking, Dancing and Dressing Up: The Photography of John Johnson

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For more than a decade, photographer John Johnson has trained his lens on rite of passage bars in and around Liverpool’s Concert Square. Here, he talks us through some of his favourite moments caught on film…

AMERICAN GIRLS – Slater Street – 2015

I’ve always loved the coordination in this image. Right down to the little stars and stripes socks and wristband! The attention to detail and the planning that people apply to their outfits for these big nights out never fails to impress.


SLEEPING BEAUTY – Slater Street – 2013
A woman takes a quiet moment to recharge and reflect before the arrival of her pizza.
SLATER STREET SHIRT – Slater Street – 2023
Savile and Andrew on the same shirt. Not something you’re likely to see at your local H&M!
TELEPUBBIES – Slater Street – 2013
One of the first images I made for this project and still a firm favourite. The face on the guy in front sums it all up.
WHINE AND DINE – Wood Street – 2022
A couple putting the world to rights outside the Italian. A popular resting spot of the late night reveller either making the journey up to Concert Square or down to Hanover St.
CAVEMEN AND CROC – Fleet Street – 2015
Exactly how Mr Croc managed to stay on his feet all night I’ll never know. The Baa Bar bouncer’s face is priceless.
SOTTO CLOWNS – Wood Street – 2023
I’d spotted these guys twenty minutes previous on Bold Street and decided to trail them across town in the hope that they’d be heading to Concert Square. Fingers and toes firmly crossed that they’d head down Wood Street passing Sotto and not turn into Slater Street. A gift of a shot and another favourite of mine from the project.
E.T PHONE HOME – Wood Street – 2023
A lovely couple I spoke to on their way home from a night in Concert Square.
Attempting to decipher a drunken Scottish accent through a rubber mask at 2am is not the easiest of tasks but I gave it my best shot.
HEN NIGHT – Wood Street – 2014
So many great elements to this image. The face on the girl in the pink. One hand on the walkie talkie another on the blow-up groom’s groin. The face on the policeman gets me every time.
FORECAST RAIN – Slater Street – 2013
No matter the weather I almost always have my camera in hand ready to go. Just in case that moment should arrive. Even in torrential rain. This is one of those times I was rewarded.
Words and pictures: John Johnson 
See free exhibition, In Concert: John Johnson, on the corner of Slater Street and Parr Street, Liverpool, now
Limited edition copies of Johnson’s photobook of the same name are available to buy now, directly from his website: johnjohnson.bigcartel.com/product/in-concert-john-johnson
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