Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh & Hesam Rahmanian, The Eighth of a Kind, 2014. Photo Laurie Lambrecht

Betty Boop, Ancient Greece & Joy Division: Liverpool Biennial 2016 Travels Through Time

Liverpool Biennial – a free festival of newly commissioned contemporary art from around the world – returns this summer, with big names including Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and Mark Leckey referencing the past, present and future. As the...

Inside Out between 4 March 2016 — 24 April 2016 at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester -- FREE

Fetishism Or Empowerment? Inside Out — Reviewed

Outsider Art is increasingly popular. But what does it mean to be an Outsider Artist, and what are the consequences of such a classification? Jade French visits Castlefield Gallery’s exhibition, Inside Out, in the hope...

Wednesday -- Exhibition Opening: The Youth 6.30-10.30pm @ Universal Satellites, London -- FREE

Culture Diary w/c 25-04-2016

What’s hot this week? Our pick of the arts listings from around Liverpool and the rest of the UK… Monday – Leeds Digital Festival @ Venues across Leeds — Events Individually Priced & FREE...


Playlist: “Lift up your skirt and fly!” — Shakespeare400

This month marks the 400th year since William Shakespeare shuffled off this mortal coil. Vanessa Wheeler remembers the great man in the most rock ‘n’ roll way possible… Over the next few days,...


“Asking really pertinent questions about modern life”: Gordon Cheung And Tsang Kin-Wah @ CFCCA — Reviewed

Linda Pittwood identifies uncomfortable threads — between political powers, digital interventions and rewritten histories — at CFCCA’s anniversary exhibition… On my way to the Chinese Centre for Contemporary Art (CFCCA), I was reading an...

Friday -- Exhibition Opening: Art From Elsewhere 11am-8pm @ Arnolfini, Bristol -- FREE

Culture Diary w/c 18-04-2016

What’s hot this week? Our pick of the arts listings from around Liverpool and the rest of the UK… Monday – Biennial Fringe Participant Meeting 5-6pm @ Liverpool Biennial Office, Liverpool — FREE (Just Drop In)...

Smoke Signals; FutureEverything Festival 2016

“Even more strange and glorious than expected”: FutureEverything Festival — Reviewed

Commentaries on the contemporary world — from the “robot apocalypse”, to finite natural resources, to the threats of indiscriminate terror attacks — encapsulated this year’s FutureEverything Festival, finds Vanessa Wheeler… FutureEverything Festival has...

Something Extraordinary: Jellyfish Toxteth

Next Liverpool Biennial Fringe Meet: Monday 18 April, 5pm

Calling all artists, curators and cultural instigators! Are you running an event or exhibition during Liverpool Biennial 2016 (9 July-16 October), or considering it? Let us help you shout about it… We are...

The International 3, Joe Fletcher Orr, Mummy's Boy (installation shot)

“Both tongue-in-cheek and trite”: Joe Fletcher Orr / Mummy’s Boy — Reviewed

What is an artistic collaborator? Is it someone who decided to “reach out” after scanning your Instagram feed, or can it be someone who has known you since you were born? Orla Foster ponders...