Live Import/Live Export: Whiskey Chow. All images courtesy Jesse Shen 2016

“He is naked and covered in paint, like a living De Kooning”: Live Import/Live Export — Reviewed

At Liverpool Biennial Fringe, and bombarded by a throng of artists, C. James Fagan tries to differentiate between performances in a hot and cavernous Victorian reservoir… It’s humid, and I’m sweaty. These are my twin concerns as...

Feature film Adult Life Skills (2016), starring Jodie Whittaker

“Failure lets you progress”: Creative England Live’s Northern Lights Conference — Reviewed

Pitching, bribery and creative failure: BAFTA-nominated directors and national funding bodies share some candid advice on all areas of filmmaking, finds Kirsty Fitzpatrick, at Creative England’s latest (free) conference… I was instantly fond...

Jess Johnson: Eclectrc Panoptic

Culture Diary w/c 25-07-2016

What’s hot this week? Our pick of the arts, design, film and music listings from around Liverpool and the rest of the UK… Monday — National Theatre Live’s Encore Series: One Man, Two...

Krzysztof Wodiczko at FACT, for Liverpool Biennial 2016. Photo courtesy Rob Battersby

“Nervously looking forward”: Liverpool Biennial’s Flashback Episode — Reviewed

Toying with the past whilst tied to a painful present: Maja Lorkowska reviews one of Liverpool Biennial’s six episodes and finds war veterans, celestial beings and young protesters… If art’s role is to challenge rigid definitions,...

Blue Dots Festival @ Jodrell Bank Observatory, Cheshire

Culture Diary w/c 18-07-2016

What’s hot this week? Our pick of the arts, design, film and music listings from around Liverpool and the rest of the UK… Wednesday – Exhibition Opens: Miseratione non Mercede 6-9pm @ Copperfield...

Wysing Polyphonic 2016. All images courtesy Mike Cameron for Wysing Polyphonic

In Pictures: Wysing Polyphonic

With whistling, drone, choral ensembles, improv jazz and spoken word on the menu — plus no electronics to be seen – Wysing Art Centre’s annual art and music festival in Cambridge has built up a reputation...

Wasteland, Comapagnie Dakar / Lotte van den Berg. Malta Festival, Poland. Photo. Maciej Zakrzewski

“If we don’t defend life it becomes without value” — The Big Interview: Lotte van den Berg, Malta Festival

Making theatre that questions our passive roles in society, politics, and life itself, Lotte van den Berg is no stranger to provocative arts production. She speaks to Emma Sumner about violence, Brexit, and getting...

Not Vital Pelvis 2008, Yorkshire Sculpture Park 2016

“A ménage à trois between artist, venue, and visitor”: Not Vital At YSP — Reviewed

A true understanding of inside and outside space, of the man-made and natural: Emma Sumner expresses her love for Swiss artist Not Vital, as he unveils a major new show on the rolling...

Tate - Ancient Greece - Biennial 2016 - photo courtesy Robert Battersby

“Exhilaratingly, intentionally naughty”: Liverpool Biennial’s Ancient Greece Episode — Reviewed

Split into time travelling “episodes”, this year Liverpool Biennial art festival is tackling a series of big themes. Transported to Ancient Greece, Jack Roe finds a dizzying and compelling journey through three millennia...