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Culture Diary w/c 30-09-13

Monday – Mark Kermode Presents Hatchet Job: Love Movies, Hate Critics 7pm @ FACT When the Observer’s much admired film critic, Philip French retired recently, the newspaper moved to replace him with another specialist...

Takeaway (detail), Gareth Arrowsmith

Artist of the Month: Gareth Arrowsmith

Gorillaz, caricatures and music magazines: we see what our latest Artist of the Month is made of… When we first noticed Gareth’s work, the thing we immediately latched on to is an unavoidable...

Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia

Playlist: Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia

The second Liverpool Psych Fest is almost upon us. We’ve got the playlist to get you in the mood… As DJ Bernie Connor noted in his piece in the Guardian Guide last Saturday,...


Future City: The Futurist Library

This week’s Future City event includes a library of the future, stocked with books deemed essential to such a thing. What would you choose? If you had to suggest books for a library...

Zoe Beloff: Dreamland


Zoe Beloff constructs a world of escapism, dreams and admiration in the Grundy Gallery’s latest exhibition, finds Denise Courcoux… Sigmund Freud, founding father of psychoanalysis, paid a visit to the Coney Island funfairs,...

Treacy Danny Them detail

3 am: Dread Hour or Magic Hour?

The hours beyond twilight often instill dread, but the Bluecoat’s artistic director Bryan Biggs finds they can also inspire…   The creative pull of the nocturnal hours on artists extends beyond visual art...


Culture Diary w/c 23-09-13

Monday – Christine 9pm @ FACT We must admit to having sidestepped last week’s start of Stephen King season at FACT. Being that it began its run with recent Frank Darabont turkey, The...

F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (1922) - new restoration

Nosferatu and the Early Achievements of Horror Cinema

Adam Scovell salutes a classic of the horror genre and the films that laid the groundwork for its success… In his excellent 2010 series, A History of Horror, Mark Gatiss stated that the...

Tim Marlow

The Big Interview: Tim Marlow

How important is painting in a century increasingly dominated by digital media? We spoke to White Cube gallery’s director of exhibitions and John Moores Prize 2014 judge Tim Marlow…   The Double Negative:...