Kicking Down The Barriers – On Invigorating and Diversifying Museum Displays

Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery’s South Asian collection was trailblazing in its day, but opening the conversation up to new generations and stories has long been required, finds Emma Sumner…  Tucked into the...


“Objects can be used to explore contrasts or boundaries”
A Conversation With Artist Charlotte Dawson

“It was good to get the two sides of Blackpool.” Mike Pinnington speaks to artist Charlotte Dawson about her Work/Leisure residency with the seaside town-based Abingdon Studios…  What really strikes me about Charlotte...

Dorothy - Music is a Time Machine - sans border

Isolation Nation:
Music is a Time Machine

“If music is a time machine, the clubs, bars, and many other dives we frequented in our youth, are cathedrals of memory.” Mike Pinnington reflects on the haunting power of songs encountered in...

Early shift, West Hartlepool steelworks, County Durham 1963 © Don McCullin

Bearing Witness: Don McCullin at Tate Liverpool – Reviewed

Don McCullin’s career, celebrated in Tate Liverpool’s retrospective exhibition, reads like a document of key 20th Century events. Armed with her Student Art Pass, granting 50% off major exhibitions, Hazel Maria trains her...

Stephen Clarke Rear view mirror-banner

Over My Shoulder – Hollywood and the Photographs of Stephen Clarke

A new exhibition of photographs by Stephen Clarke reveals Hollywood’s lingering afterimage on all our psyches, says Mike Pinnington… A nerve-wracking encounter that sometimes gets forgotten owing to the early crescendo of the...


“The vinegars are my characters. They’re the celebrities.”
A Conversation with Artist James Choucino

“I’m not really sure how to explain why I want to do this!” What does an artist residency look like during lockdown? We spoke with James Choucino, midway through his time on Abingdon...