God's Official

God’s Official @ the Unity Theatre – Reviewed

Slap bang in the middle of the European Championships, would a play featuring a kidnapped referee prove well-timed or enhance our football fatigue? Football, it’s a funny old game. Or so they say....

Quatermass and the Pit

Quatermass and the Pit – Previewed

In Quatermass and the Pit, the Hammer Horror studio showed it was capable of much more than dodgy special effects and ripped bodices, argues Adam Scovell… There’s a certain assumption, understandably perhaps, surrounding...

Paul Collinson, Temple of Ancient Virtue, 2010

John Moores Painting Prize: exhibitors announced

The exhibitors of the 2012 John Moores Painting Prize were announced today. We spoke to one of those selected by the judges… In 1957, Sir John Moores (plain old John Moores at that...

Philosophy Hill at Humble Market: Trade Secrets

The Humble Market: Trade Secrets

Voyage of discovery, or experiment on how to best make use of gallery space? C James Fagan signed up for the Humble Market experience. Is it me, or is it hot in here?...

Jonny Lee Miller as the Creature

NT Encore: Frankenstein

Ahead of FACT’s re-showing of Danny Boyle’s take on Frankenstein, Alison Cornmell recalls an electrifying performance from Benedict Cumberbatch… Last year, for the first time ever, National Theatre Live broadcast two separate performances...

The Big House

Culture Diary w/c 25-06-12

Tuesday – Mission to Lars 9pm @ FACT ‘The Road trip of a lifetime with just one condition… Tom’s.’ So reads the tag-line for documentary Mission to Lars. The condition? Tom Spicer has a...

Monet, Water Lilies

Turner Monet Twombly – In Conversation

Tate’s latest exhibition brings together three men separated by eras. We spoke to exhibition curator Jeremy Lewison to see what unites them… It seems year on year, as summer time comes around, it...

david bowie ziggy_web

Playlist #16: Loving the Alien

It’s 40 years since David Bowie unleashed Ziggy Stardust onto an unsuspecting world. Marc Hall celebrates the milestone, playlist style! 40 years ago this month – June 6, 1972 to be precise, David...

Samba Mapangala

Africa Oyé 2012 – Previewed

Roll on the weekend, and keep your fingers crossed for some sun – it’s all about Africa Oyé! This weekend sees the 20th anniversary of Africa Oyé. In that time it has become the...