Songs To Play At The End Of The World

Playlist: Songs To Play At The End Of The World

After 12 years of quality programming, All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival (as we knew it) is no more, and it feels like The End Of The World… This weekend is the last ever UK...

Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)

Foreign Language Films of 2013 You Need To See

Fed up with her favourite films flying under the radar, Emma Palmer makes a case for this year’s best releases … Graphic novel adaptation and coming-of-age drama, Blue Is The Warmest Colour, has been receiving...

Lauren Bacall

Film Noir: Meet the Cast

Inspired by Cornerhouse’s latest exhibition, Toby Hood investigates the greatest collection of talent from Hollywood’s golden age… Crooked cops, twisted fates, a plethora of timely one-liners and clouds of mystifying cigarette smoke: these are the...

Paul Davis

“I create to make people smile. And to piss people off sometimes.” Desiginival Mini

Honest business advice and creative encouragement, finished off with a great dose of humour; Maja Lorkowska does Designival… This year’s design symposium, Designival, satisfied designers, artists, illustrators and non-creatives alike, despite its ‘Mini’ size. Organised as...

Liverpool X

Liverpool X — Reviewed

Jon Davies heads down to Liverpool’s latest creative forum and wonders whether we are more detached from culture than ever… If there was one activity that could encapsulate Liverpool’s arts and culture community...

Dean Blunt

Culture Diary w/c 25-11-13

What’s hot this week? Our pick of the listings from around Liverpool and the rest of the UK… Tuesday – Tuesday Sessions: Dominic Willsdon 6.30pm @ Camp and Furnace, FREE International curator Dominic Willsdon takes...


In Pictures: Illustrator Paul Davis

Bleak humour, bad relationships and foolishness all feature in the work of this illustrator/social commentator, who also happens to be headlining this year’s Designival… Opinionated satirical illustrator Paul Davis is one of the international...

House of Suarez

House of Suarez: Vogue Deco and Other Stories

Our live arts critic C James Fagan continues his Homotopia experience with a confusing evening of strutting, fashion and Voguing… So it’s been a week since I attended, or wrote about, a performance...

John Martin's The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (1852)

Jeremy Deller: All That Is Solid Melts Into Air

Emma Palmer finds that a potent mix of Marxism, wrestling, revolution and acid house combine to make Manchester Art Gallery’s latest exhibition… Exploring Britain’s rapid growth under the Industrial Revolution, Jeremy Deller’s new exhibition, All...