Revolution 1911

Radical Futures

Lesley Taker looks back at our Summers of Discontent and asks: how did the city’s art scene embrace the anarchic power of 100 years of Liverpool Radicalism?  Liverpool is one of Britian’s most...

Anat Ben David

2011: A Year in Gigs

In the final part of the triology, Jon Davies discusses some of the best – and worst – gigs in Liverpool over 2011… I should start by pointing out that reviewing a year...


Playlists #2: In The Cut?

On the eve of the New Year, Marc Hall considers the fine margins between the haves and the have nots of the past year. As 2011 passes into the history books, all that’s...

Leonid Tishkov

Republic of The Moon – Reviewed

Does FACT’s new exhibition have the right stuff, or were we left howling at the moon? Our fascination with the moon is as old as time itself. Unlike the life-giving sun, our relationship...

Camp and Furnace

A Seismic Shift: 2011 Liverpool Venues in Review

In the second part of a series, Jon Davies considers a year of venues lost and found… 2011 was the first year proper we saw a major change in landscape and venues available...

Derrick Carter

… And A Happy New Year: Culture Diary NYE Round-Up

Ordinarily, Culture Diary is a strictly weekly affair, but as it’s New Year and there are a few picks of the bunch, we thought we’d focus our attention squarely on the business end...

We Came Out Like Tigers

Hey Scenesters! 2011 Liverpool Music in Review

Jon Davies on the bands that made for an eclectic and ultimately satisfying musical landscape this year… When Indica Ritual decided to call it a day, the Liverpool music scene lost an ally...


The Voyages of Sinbad The Sailor – Reviewed

Against our better judgement, we headed to the Unity Theatre in hope of a Christmas miracle – the panto we can all enjoy! We’re self-confessed panto-phobes (we just made the word up now,...

les enfants_web

Les Enfants du Paradis – Reviewed

Rachael Jones on a classic of French Cinema recently restored by the British Film Institute… Seeing a film that lasts more than three hours takes preparation. You need enough caffeine to see you...