Syndrome Sessions 0.1, image credits: Bob Wass

Witches, Childbirth and Virus… Syndrome Sessions 0.1 Reviewed

C James Fagan encounters an exciting and unsettling experiment taking root in the depths of the Baltic Triangle… What is Syndrome? Syndrome is a collection of multi-disciplinary arts events focused on the collision of...

Fuck Buttons (c) Lara Parsons

Culture Diary w/c 28-04-2014

What’s hot this week? Our pick of the listings from around Liverpool and the rest of the north-west… Tuesday – The1st4: DiCTATE 6.30pm @ Blade Factory, Liverpool — FREE Inviting artists from any discipline/medium...

The Box at FACT cinema, Liverpool

The 10 Things I Learned From Using Ourscreen

Hailed as a new way to call the shots at your local cinema, US crowdsourcing platform Ourscreen.com is now available in the UK. But what’s it like to use? Christopher Brown shares his experiences…...

Young Everyman Playhouse production (c) Brian Roberts

Young Everyman Playhouse: “We wanted a theatre that was really connected to the youth in the city”

Toby Hood quizzes the Everyman’s youth theatre director Matt Rutter on drawing out talent, creative control and the importance of arts funding… With a new theatre comes fresh talent. As Director of Young Everyman Playhouse...

James McClardy at GI 2014 (c) Frances Disley

In Conversation: Helen de Main and James McLardy

What is it really like to work within the ‘Glasgow Miracle’? Anna Taylor catches up with two artists working within the city’s artistic community… Graduates of Glasgow School of Art, regular exhibitors at Glasgow International...

Space // Sound at the Bluecoat (c) Nata Moraru and Deep Hedonia

Turning Drawing On Its Head: SPACE//SOUND

Maja Lorkowska takes a line for a walk with a group of innovative sound artists… Arts and music promoters Deep Hedonia and artist-focused free sheet Drawing Paper recently got together to bring us a...

Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip

Playlist: Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip

“The world don’t revolve around you, but it should”: Chris Carr’s musical heroes are on tour and it’s the perfect excuse for a playlist… Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip have moulded a...

Lift to the Scaffold (1958)

Culture Diary w/c 21-04-2014

What’s hot this week? Our pick of the post-Easter listings from around Liverpool and the rest of the UK… Wednesday — Book Club // Science Fiction: New Death 5.30pm @ FACT Liverpool, FREE “Gripping…...

Openaries, Glasgow International Festival

Glasgow International — Reviewed (Part Two)

Roaring hot kilns, Edwardian swimming baths and getting lost: Anna Taylor reflects on a magical Glasgow International festival… Glasgow is mid-way through its sixth International Art Festival. My visit so far has been one of immersive viewing...