On 2001: A Space Odyssey


“It remains a masterpiece of epic proportions.” Mike Pinnington does a deep-dive into Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, which is back in cinemas this weekend – 60 years after the director had wondered...

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The Mediated City: The Imaging of Liverpool in Film


“Urban landscape and architecture are integral.” Anthony Ellis on how film can fix in our minds and memory a sense of place…  General views are one of the more unusual aspects of filmmaking....


Jean-Luc Godard’s Le Mépris at 60


A reminder of Jean-Luc Godard’s mercurial brilliance and antipathy to Hollywood, Le Mépris – his study of a poisoned marriage and poisonous film industry both – celebrates its 60th anniversary with a 4K...


Beyond Uncanny Valley – AI and the Movies


“Fears of a ‘great awakening’ in which robots become self-aware and decide that humankind itself is the greatest threat to the planet are not new.” Nik Glover on the AI debate currently raging...


Nam June Paik: Moon Is The Oldest TV – Reviewed


Trickster or sage? A film about father of video art Nam June Paik looks to bring his enduring genius to new audiences…  It’s impossible to overstate the influence and importance of Korean artist...

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“Tokyo is a Stadium of Desire” – Exhibition on Screen: Tokyo Stories


How could seeing an exhibition at the cinema compare to the real thing? Mike Pinnington on why the two needn’t be mutually exclusive experiences… Something strange has been happening at cinemas of late....


“A richly layered love letter” – Todd Haynes’ The Velvet Underground


“They burned with brilliant intensity; an intensity that couldn’t be sustained.” Mike Pinnington on The Velvet Underground, and how a new Criterion Collection release captures their story alongside the hyperbole… In his expansive...


Park Chan-wook
– Six of the Best


Twenty years ago marked the arrival of the first of the visceral Vengeance Trilogy. Now, with the streaming release of his latest film, Decision to Leave, we take a look at six of...


Transcendent: Moorhead & Benson’s Something In The Dirt


Mike Pinnington willingly follows filmmakers Moorhead & Benson down the rabbit hole of their latest film, Something In The Dirt…  Maybe you’re an aficionado of esoteric so-called wyrd fiction, or a Marvel Cinematic...