Beyond Uncanny Valley – AI and the Movies

“Fears of a ‘great awakening’ in which robots become self-aware and decide that humankind itself is the greatest threat to the planet are not new.” Nik Glover on the AI debate currently raging...


Culture Diary w/c 30-05-2023

Our pick of this week’s arts, design, film and music events – and loads of it’s free! Tuesday – Devi (The Goddess) 7pm @ FACT Liverpool – £8/£10 Kicking off resident artist Chila Kumari Singh Burman’s...

Elena Subach, Chairs (detail) 2022, the first two weeks of the war, Slovak Border crossing in Uzhgorod.

Elena Subach’s Chairs, and The Absurdist Symptoms of The Ukrainian War

A commission in collaboration with ArtReview and Open Eye’s Ukrainian photography exhibition, HOME: Matthew Lloyd considers Elena Subach’s Chairs, the absurdist symptoms of the Ukrainian war, and the haunting displacement of its citizens…...


Nam June Paik: Moon Is The Oldest TV – Reviewed

Trickster or sage? A film about father of video art Nam June Paik looks to bring his enduring genius to new audiences…  It’s impossible to overstate the influence and importance of Korean artist...

79 Tanaami Keiichi in Tokyo ┬® David Bickerstaff_web

“Tokyo is a Stadium of Desire” – Exhibition on Screen: Tokyo Stories

How could seeing an exhibition at the cinema compare to the real thing? Mike Pinnington on why the two needn’t be mutually exclusive experiences… Something strange has been happening at cinemas of late....

Mulholland Drive

Culture Diary w/c 22-05-2023

Our pick of this week’s arts, design, film and music events – and loads of it’s free! Monday – Shadow Game + Q&A 6pm @ FACT Liverpool – £6/Concessions In a post-Brexit world, the narrative...


Culture Diary w/c 15-05-2023

Our pick of this week’s arts, design, film and music events – and loads of it’s free! Monday – In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats @ FACT Liverpool – £22 Last chance to see the...


The New Bend @ Hauser & Wirth – Reviewed

“A wealth of knowledge, care and skill.” In Hauser & Wirth’s The New Bend, Hannah Hutchings-Georgiou finds an exhibition celebrating and extending an artistic, cultural and social legacy generations in the making… What catches...

CHORNOBYLDORF - Archaeological opera in seven novels | InvisibleWindFactory

Eurovision P-A-R-T-Y | Culture Diary Special

ABBA impersonators! Post-apocalyptic fantasy! Ukrainian rap! Liverpool’s gearing up for a frenzy of the surreal this week, as the city gears up to host the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Ukraine. With official...