Brian Griffith’s Bill Murray: A Story of Distance, Size and Sincerity, Baltic

Bill Murray And Modern Existence, Examined: Baltic’s Two New Exhibitions — Reviewed

Laura Harris finds new exhibitions by Brian Griffiths and B. Wurtz dally with the driftwood of modern existence, yet fluctuate between excellence and mediocrity… Clad in a garish green checked blazer, a giant...

Josephine Meckseper at Timothy Taylor: 12 October – 12 December 2015

“Protest culture and art allow us to bring up uncomfortable questions”: The Big Interview: Josephine Meckseper

Currently enjoying her second solo show at Timothy Taylor gallery, the German, New York-based installation artist talks us through her current and key influences — including Jean-Luc Godard’s dripping red paint, Duchamp’s semen paintings...


Workshop: How To Write An Artist Statement! 6 December 2015

Taking part in an exhibition soon? Think your website’s ‘about’ page could do with a revamp? Calling all artists to our next workshop in Liverpool… Being able to clearly communicate and contextualise artwork...

Allan McCollum’s Plastic Surrogates

“Memory’s power to grant meaning”: An Imagined Museum — Reviewed

Is all art about memory? If so, how would Tate Liverpool’s new show about a fictitious and memorised museum take shape? Fred Johnson considers the works to know by heart… At its best, Tate Liverpool’s...

Alien Sex Club; images courtesy Rob Battersby

“The fight against HIV/AIDS is not over”: The Seductive World Of Alien Sex Club

Awkwardness, arts activism, and the HIV virus as a “clever trickster”: David Graham discusses this and more with the artist behind Homotopia festival’s focus exhibition… The global pandemic of HIV and AIDS takes centre...

Wednesday — BFI Love Season: Stranger By The Lake 6.30pm @ A Small Cinema, Liverpool — £4

Culture Diary w/c 23-11-2015

What’s hot this week? Our pick of the arts listings from around Liverpool and the rest of the UK… Monday — Cornerstone Festival: Andrew Bick 7.30pm @ Capstone Theatre, Liverpool — FREE Meet...

Towards Modernity: Three Centuries of British Art

Turners, Constables & Lowrys: China Embraces Manchester’s Collections

Manchester’s museums are finding new international interest in their archives, finds Jon Bottomley — which will be crucial in keeping the doors open back home and investing in our next generation of art stars…...

Paul Almasy, Louvre Paris (1942)

“Art actually is under threat”: What Would You Save In An Imagined Museum?

Budget cuts, political and religious censorship and terrorism; art and culture are under threat. In their latest exhibition, Centre Pompidou-Metz, MMK and Tate Liverpool are asking us which artworks we would seek to save… “What if art...

Cabaret From The Shadows

Callout: Designer/Illustrator Wanted For Cabaret From The Shadows

Fancy designing for a touring bouffon troupe? Applications now welcome… The Brief: INCA Collective is looking for a talented designer/illustrator to design a promotional campaign for their new touring show, Cabaret From The...