Culture Diary w/c 25-03-13

Monday – Tony Teardrop 8pm @ the Bombed out church £10-£16

Following the cancellation of performances due to the unseasonal snow, Tony Teardrop is back from today at St. Luke’s ‘bombed out’ Church. Written by the award-winning Esther Wilson (Ten Tiny Toes, The Accused) and inspired by real life, the play focuses on people living on society’s periphery at a support centre for the homeless, in particular Tony, whose journey for the true meaning of ‘home’ we follow.

Tuesday – Biennial pop-up talk: James Langdon 6.30pm @ Camp and Furnace

The Biennial continue their series of pop-up talks this Tuesday when they invite graphic designer (and founder member of Birmingham gallery Eastside Projects) James Langdon to Camp and Furnace. Winner of the 2012 Inform Award for Conceptual Design, Langdon will “present a talk on narrative construction in his practice, drawing on a selection of his projects that re-stage content for the specific format of the book”.

PICK OF THE WEEK: Darkness Into Light 8pm @ The Gallery Camp and Furnace £3

As with any art-form, sometimes context can be everything, the difference between loving or hating that which has been put in front of you. With this in mind critic, director and regular contributor to The Double Negative, DW Mault presents new film night Darkness Into Light (main image). Inaugural screening is the Liverpool premiere of Side By Side. Full preview.

Wednesday – Flaming Creatures 6.30pm @ FACT

Screening as part of exhibition The Art of Pop Video, director Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures was seized on its release in 1963 and later banned due to its depiction of transvestism, hermaphrodites and liberal use of sexual imagery. Ostensibly a comedy (which Smith insists was the film’s ultimate intent), Flaming Creatures – all 40-odd minutes of it – is now recognised as a trailblazing cut classic.

Pelicula 9pm @ Brooklyn Mixer FREE

With monthly screenings, Pelicula features films chosen by their score, specifically, electronic soundtracks. This time around it’s the turn of David Fincher’s take on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, in The Social Network, with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross on composing duties (for which the pair won an Oscar for Best Original Score in 2010).

Thursday – The Kronos Begins 8pm @ the Kazimier £3

An “epic time-travelling tale of the Kronos, its birth and its captain’s plight to rediscover his interplanetary craft”, The Kronos Begins is a production of the Kazimier team, and to that end, despite details being pretty thin on the ground, we’d say get along to this its world premiere performance.

Friday – The Princess Bride 6.30pm @ FACT

We don’t know about you, but many an hour or so of our lives have been wiled away in front of Rob Reiner’s magical and knowing fairytale, The Princess Bride. With a cast of memorable characters and handfuls of unforgettable scenes and quotable lines, it’s a childhood favourite that endures to this day. Now, if you’ll indulge us: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Gilles Peterson 10pm @ The Shipping Forecast £12

He made his name as an international superstar DJ, he was awarded an MBE in 2004 (really!) and can now be found ensconced at BBC 6 Music bringing his encyclopaedic knowledge of soul, hip-hop, house, afro, electronica and jazz to new ears, but Gilles Peterson will always be happiest getting a roomful of people moving.

Saturday – Death Tax Trouble presents 8pm @ the Pilgrim FREE

This, the fourth edition of DIY night Death Tax presents, features performances from hosts Mashemon (peddling a pleasing brand of 90s referencing guitar music), a debut performance from krautrock-influenced duo The Long Rays and the eccentric indie of Claire Welles. Alongside hand-picked screenings, DTP represents quite a bit of bang for precisely no bucks.

Sunday – Percy Gulliver’s Closing Party 12pm @ The Shipping Forecast FREE

It was fun while it lasted but all things, even good ones, must come to an end. And so it is with Percy Gulliver’s print shop residence at the Shipping Forecast. Determined to go out with a bang rather than a whimper, Sunday sees performances from the likes of Bad Meds, Metro Manila Aide, and an as yet unannounced headline act. Augmented by DJ sets, a sale on screenprints and Inprint design fair, we can think of few better ways to spend your Sunday.

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