Emma Sumner

Emma Sumner

Profession: Artist, Curator and Writer.

Tell us about youVisual Arts graduate/Art History postgraduate; living a life absorbed in art. Infatuated with research and novel thinking, I express my findings through art work, written work and exhibition proposals. I’m Directors’ Office Assistant at Tate Liverpool and Volunteer Curator at the Walker Art Gallery. Occasionally I teach BA students how to be artists!

What inspires you? My research areas include painting, confession, the body and self- image, gender, feminism, fashion, the overtly luxurious and consumerism. I’m obsessed with colour, the idea of excess and the possibilities and limitations of art materials. Otherwise its charity shops, a good seminar and other people’s take on life.

What do you love about Liverpool? What can I say … it’s just BOSS!

What would your superpower be? To never have to sleep … imagine what I could do with all that extra time.

Favourite local hangout? Keith’s Wine Bar, Lark Lane.

Tell us a secret. I love my bicycle … her name is Bertha.




A #BeACritic Winner — more info here