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Do you have ambitions to become a published art critic? Read on…

We’ve always supported arts criticism at The Double Negative. It was high on our list of priorities once we decided to launch a magazine back in 2011.

Disappointed with reading the same types of light overviews that seemed increasingly popular at various levels of the press, we had two thoughts: a) wouldn’t it be nice to see more balanced, well-researched, honest critique on art in Liverpool and around the UK? And b) we could do better.

During our two years of running TDN, we have been able to observe the art writers, critically engaged thinkers and cultural commentators working from the north-west. We’ve also been thrilled to publish some of the best, at the same time offering editorial support, contacts and networking where wanted.

“Each writer will receive editorial support, receive a £100 fee, and see their article published”

One observation we’ve made, however, is that many emerging north-west writers are in the early stages of their career, and whilst showing ambition and genuine promise, progress continues to be difficult.

So when Liverpool John Moores University suggested that we join forces to do something about this, supported by Arts Council England, we jumped at the chance.

By selecting and working closely with 30 amazing writers from across the north-west, and through collaborating with an established, international arts critic, the Thinking>Writing>Engaging project will explore what it means to be critical, why it’s important, and the skills needed. Each writer will receive editorial support to create a critique on an art form of their choice, receive a £100 fee, and see their article published on The Double Negative and shared widely across the UK.

Round 1 will select 15 writers to work with from May 2014 through until January 2015. Round 2 will open February 2015.

We feel that critical thinking, and therefore writing, is an important part of a healthy art scene and as such needs to be encouraged and developed. Agree? Apply now.

Apply now! Thinking>Writing>Engaging: Round 1


Applicants must be able to travel to Liverpool in May 2014 for a special one-off masterclass.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate an interest in arts criticism, how this opportunity may help their career, and be willing to learn more about what makes a great art critic.


Round 1 Online application form here — entries close 5pm, Thursday 8 May 2014. Good Luck! Round 2 opens February 2015…



Hashtag #BeACritic 

Image courtesy Jonzo Risograph Print and Design Studio

Arts Council England

Posted on 10/04/2014 by thedoublenegative