Chris Fagan

C James Fagan

Profession:  Artist/Writer

Tell us about you: Over the last year I have been writing about the things I go and see. I have also been known to create art under the guise of the Artistic Research and Special Experimentation Organisation.

What inspires you? The usual, music, the writing of J.G Ballard, Wayne Coyne and biscuits.

What do you love about Liverpool? Its proximity to my house… which gives me access to exhibitions, live art and anything Liverpool has to offer.

What would your superpower be? To know what to do or say in any given situation, failing that to shot laser beams from my eyes.

Favourite local hangout? I don’t know if this counts but I often find myself by the river.

Tell us a secret. The question I found the easiest to answer was the one about superpowers.


A #BeACritic Winner — more info here