Alice Hughes

Alice Hughes

Profession: Freelance Writer and Critic.

Tell us about youRecent English Literature with Creative Writing graduate from Lancaster University. Lover of all things daringly original, provocatively creative and personally political. Give me a good book and a beautiful view — I’ll be forever grateful.

What inspires you? My family and friends. Meeting new people and listening to what they have to say. My most inspirational experience was my trip to Bukhokho, a rural village in Uganda where I made friends for life.

What do you love about where you live? I live in a small village called Alconbury near Cambridge. I love the sense of community and the fact I’ve grown up there with my best friends.

What would your superpower be? Omnilinguilism.

Favourite local hangout? Pub with friends, playing Frank Sinatra on the jukebox.

Tell us a secret. I can’t feel my jaw or bottom lip.

Twitter: @AliceHughess


A #BeACritic Winner — more info here