Los Campesinos!, Jon Bergman

Los Campesinos! – Previewed


Paul Forster on a band deftly sidestepping growing pains and tentatively embracing maturity… It is widely believed the idea of selling out died when Kim Gordon modelled for GAP, but the indie-rock world...

White Hills

White Hills – Previewed


If Friday nights just aren’t the same without a prolonged and infectious aural assault, never fear, we may have just the suggestion…  This Friday, The Kazimier welcomes with open arms the return of...

Gold Soundz, Pavement

Gold Soundz Preview


Little else gives us a nostalgic warm glow like the mention of our favourite 90s indie bands, so we had to take the opportunity to write about it, and hell, make a bespoke...

Spectres of the Spectacle

Static Fallout: ‘another reason to leave Liverpool?’


If things continue in this vein (and where are the signs they won’t?), Jon Davies predicts graduates will vote with their feet, himself included…  I’m most likely going to echo every sentiment in last...

A typically busy Static Gallery live music night

Capital of Culture? Ask Static Gallery


We consider the aftermath as another live music venue bites the dust… Back in February, Jon Davies wrote a piece in these pages about a Noise Debate held at Static Gallery. The debate...

Cass McCombs

Cass McCombs: Home at last


This Wednesday sees a one-off performer in the shape of Cass McCombs pitch up at Leaf… Labelled ‘unobtrusively brilliant’ by none other than John Peel, it’s perhaps hard to come up with a...

Yuri Landman

Yuri Landman Guitar Workshops hosted by Ex-Easter Island Head


Fancy making yourself a guitar from scratch? Jon Davies on a unique opportunity for musicians and novices alike…  For those bored with their Stratocasters and in need of a different route for their fingers...

GIT Awards

You Into This?


This Wednesday sees the entries deadline for the Getintothis Award, hot on the heels of last week’s announcement that the award is to be hosted at Leaf on 27thApril. We caught up with...

Jonathan Richman

Jonathan Richman, Modern Lover


This weekend sees an influential yet almost unsung hero take to the stage at The Kazimier… Geek, nerd, cry-baby, straight; just some of the nicer things Jonathan Richman has no doubt had shouted...