Spirit Animals – Previewed

Get down to Wolstenholme this evening for a typically eclectic arts and music mash-up. Here’s the low-down…

If you’ve read about our current artist of the month, Sean Wars, maybe you feel you know him that bit better. Perhaps you have seen one of the many bands he’s involved with, or happened across some of his poster art work at an exhibition, or in our shop. Tonight offers an opportunity to get along and see him juggling those roles as musician and artist, armed with that new knowledge.

Furthermore, if you follow Sean on twitter, you’ll know that for him, this year’s motto has been a resounding ‘fuck 2012’ (we happen to think it’s going nicely enough, thank you very much); the reason now becomes a little clearer. Whether he really thinks 2012 is inherently bad or not, that maxim serves as the title of his new record, in the guise of Spirit Animals. Spirit Animals, in Sean’s words, is “a special blend of attempted loop / ambience and heavy cacophonous dronescapes, and basically just a ‘grown up’ being a big kid”.

Recorded at Wolstenholme Creative Space, the album launch is this evening, when Sean aims to play a version of one or two tracks from Fuck 2012, in the same corner of the room in which it was layed down. Accompanying the launch is the STAY SKATTY II exhibition, the prints for which at the time of writing hadn’t been collected by Sean “cause I’m lax as fuck”, so we haven’t been privy to a sneak peak unfortunately. What we do know is that the show is a celebration of Sean “DOING WHAT I WANT”, and though what that means remains unclear, we reckon it’ll be worth finding out.

On a bill featuring Glaswegians (Divorce), Norwegians (Staer) and New Yorkers (Child Abuse),  local heroes Stig Noise - fresh from a couple of months touring Europe have decided that if it’s good enough for Sean, it’s good enough for them – release their first UK full vinyl, VII, tonight. It’s only taken them 10 years!

Spirit Animals Exhibition and Launch Party 7.30pm @ Wolstenholme Creative Space, £5

Posted on 05/04/2012 by thedoublenegative